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Educatie PLUS Calitate
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Main objective of the project” EDUCATION PLUS QUALITY”: Professional and managerial development of teachers to ensure all students access to quality education based on developing core and transversal competences. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES : O1.Profesional and managerial training of of 11 (17%) employees by Erasmus Plus to become resources in the school. O2.Increasing the capacity of three main departments to develop and operationalize quality managerial plan . O3.Improving the professional competences of 65% of teachers to use new teaching methods and tools to develop core and transversal competences of students with special educational needs . O4. Developing professional competences of 65% of teachers to use ICT to develop students competences . Target group : 11 employees : 4 department members (Department for quality assessment ,Teachers’ continuous training , European projects and programmes ), 2 primary teachers (department responsibles and mentors ), 4 teachers (department responsible , trainers) , a network administrator . Beneficiaries: 63 teachers, 1221 students , students’ parents , the community . ACTIVITIES: I.FIRST STAGE: 1.10.2015 - 1.11.2015 • Activities to inform, selecting, initiating contacts, assigning tasks, setting deadlines and a joint working programmme. • Promoting the project. II. CORE STAGE OF THE PROJECT: 1.11.2015 - 15.08.2016 • Participation in the training courses. • Organizing a Methodological online collection of materials, on " Basic skills training innovative teaching and learning methods" on eTwinning platform ( teachers’ rooms ) . • Publishing an activitiy book for children and parents to improve their results in the PISA and PIRLS test and to develop core competences. • Publishing an methodological guide. • Extracurricular activities of counseling the parents of students with special needs and learning difficulties . • Methodical activities for teachers ,trainee teachers and parents. -Designing and implementing new school chosen curricula, using ICT, art, music and sport to develop core and crosscurricular competences. • Finalizing the Strategic Institutional Development Plan 2014-2018 . • Applying the content of the course : Implementing EFQM to monitor and evaluate the quality of the school . • Developing the” Education Plus Quality” Resource Centre III. THE FINAL STAGE: 15.08.2016 - 1.10.2016 -Dissemination activities -Activity evaluation and writing the final report (round table) EXPECTED OUTCOMES: • Products/ Outcomes -The Strategic Institutional Development Plan 2014-2018 -Working procedures for 3 school departments: Teachers’ continuous training, European projects and programmes and the department for Quality Assessment -On line methodological collection using eTwinning -Activity book for children and parents -An methodological guide -Three school chosen curricula based on ICT to develop core and transversal competence -5 international educational projects -5 published articles, web pages, posters, invitations, leaflets, video recordings and photos -11 model teacher portfolios -Three courses for training activities -“Education Plus Quality” Resource Centre • Impact/ Effects -11 teachers will become “resource people” -3 departments will work to increase school’s quality and internalization -65% of the teachers will develop professionally and personally -120 students will improve their core competences -120 parents will get counselling to become resources for the other parents in school -1221 students will develop transversal competences -teamwork, increasing individual responsibility, positive attitude towards change, increasing motivation and school prestige MONITORING AND EVALUATION -Project monitoring and evaluation will be permanent -Methods, tools: portfolio analysis, worksheets to monitor the activities during mobilities, outcome analysis, observation guides, conversations, questionairres, direct observation, activity plans, tables with signatures.



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