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EDUCATE IN ACTION - Young Experience
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Molí de Baix, non-profit leisure organization in Sant Lluís offers to welcome the Project EDUCATE IN ACTION-Young Experience, a project based on leisure and recreational action aimed at youth in a non-formal learning environment. This project is carried out with the objective to give a chance to young European people to know and take part in the development of a non-formal learning programme for teenagers over 8. The project aims at socio-educational assistance of youths by means of leisure activities in the youth club. We can host a volunteer regardless his/her sex, origin, or training background. Our intention is to find deeply motivated people, ready to learn and improve his/her work abilities with young people. All the activities are guided by a leisure counsellor and the volunteers will learn about group management and healthy leisure promotion. The volunteers will cooperate in the different workshops in the youth club taking care of the teenagers, planning and supervising the activities, managing the groups as well as promoting European exchange programmes. Lower class youths will be carefully taken into account. We want to guarantee that they have equal opportunities regardless their social level. The methodology we use to develop this project is very active and collaborative and well thought and planned by the guiding team. It’s very important that volunteers get fully involved, and be ready to participate actively in the activities. We want to help them boost their own personal capacities in order to help them in their personal development. The outcome and impact expected from the project will be seen in short and long term actions. We want our local community become aware of the Erasmus Plus programme, mainly youths from the town They can also promote our project and the Erasmus programme itself. On the other hand we understand the project impact as a process. It starts with the project itself but we don't give it a deadline. We believe that promotion needs to be continuous in order to get to as many youths as possible in order to offer them better learning chances.



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