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ECVET подкрепа за професия Компютърна техника и технологии
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Professional School of Mechanic and Electrical engineering MV Lomonosov in order to meet the requirements of the modern labor market seeks to provide its students the opportunity to acquire practical experience as part of the training in school. Some of the initiatives of the high school in this direction is the project "ECVET support for the profession Computer Engineering". The project is implemented in cooperation with the German company WBS TRAINING AG- branch Dresden. Both organizations had established partnership and shared experience to conduct the mobility of students in initial vocational training acquired by other joint projects. The project lasted 12 months and mobility lasted three weeks and was held from 03. 04. 2016 to 23. 04. 2016. Participation in mobility were 20 students (16 boys and 4 girls) who are trained in specialty Computer equipment and technologies. Project activities were conducted successfully and the participants were able to see the benefits of international trade with the countries - members of the European Community. Participants develop and refine their professional knowledge and skills in computer networks and Web- design in accordance with modern requirements for training in the profession, and mastered the knowledge of working with various software. Experience Partner assessment of learning outcomes was used in the evaluation through cards with elements of ESVET. The practice program was divided into five teaching units, three of them for acquiring the knowledge, skills and competencies related to professional theme "Computer networks and Web - designs", and two topics related to business skills and develop personal and social skills. Before their departure, students conducted a thorough preparation, which helped them to cope successfully in the new environment. From October until the beginning of March 2015 they took part in organized by the school preparatory English classes to 110 hours, specific professional training to 15 hours workload and cultural training to learn about the traditions and social environment in Germany workload 15 hours. 37 students participated in the preliminary preparation of which school committee selected 20 final participants in mobility. Each student completed CV in English and presented to the Commission cover letter. The Committee used clear and measurable criteria that were announced to students and parents at the beginning of the project. The project helped to the realization of specific project objectives: • Participants in the project were supported in the acquisition and use of knowledge and skills to work with new operating system free software Linux. By using basic knowledge of school, they progressed a lot and learned to cope with new tasks quickly. • Three-week stay in Dresden developed communication skills to understand and talk both English and German. Students communicated with mentors in English and quickly developed their professional vocabulary and become more confident in using professional terms. • For participants mobility was a challenge which motivates them to deal more mature and responsible manner that enrich their social experience and personal skills. They acquired skills to work with foreign teams and adapted to new cultural and social environment. The project partners developed and confirmed their relationship, which will continue in future cooperation within the Erasmus + All participants in the project became much more responsible and expect cooperation in future activities of mutual interest. The project achieved the objectives and the participating organizations have added value to the already established partnership. The project increased the confidence of the local community to the quality of ongoing Lomonosov high school vocational training and general prestige of high school.



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