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ECVET Matrika kompetenc pri mobilnosti - 14/16
Date du début: 25 août 2014, Date de fin: 25 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The idea of project ECVET Matrika kompetenc pri mobilnosti - 14/16 is implementation of long-term learning mobility as integral part of participants' school obligations by mobility in companies abroad as well as introduction of ECVET model in school. Mobility will last for 1 month. As a preparation on mobility teachers will prepare Learning Agreements for participants of mobility. Learning Agreement will be comprised by overview of already achieved skills and competencies of participants, and of overview of desired skills and competencies which will be acquired during the mobility of participants. Learning Agreements will be used together with Europass mobility certificate for the recognition of school obligations in accordance with the ECVET and with requirements of the curricula for each of the participants of mobility in School center Velenje. Learning Agreements will be used for recognition of new acquired competencies, where we will take into account current knowledge and experiences of participants of mobility, that will be compared with mobility training programme and finally assessed in learning outcomes whether participants of mobility gain desired knowledge and skills. Recognition of competencies and school obligations will be done by school's headmaster. Who: - 72 students of School Center Velenje enrolled in 3rd and 4 year of educational programs of technical disciplines and deficiency sectors (electro technique, mechanical engineering and mechatronics, mining, catering and tourism) will be involved; - Included at least 10 teachers as tutors to participants of mobility; - Participation of over 100 teachers in preparation of Learning Agreements based on the existing catalogues of knowledge and curricula. Addressing the needs of: - The organization, implementation and monitoring of practical training in companies (304 hours per year, 14 credits). - Preparation of the content of open curricula in school (595 hours per year, 30 credits). - Introduction of ECVET in connection with recognition of formal and informal knowledge. - Increase of ratio of participants in mobility in VET; - Quality Assessment in VET. The main objectives and expected results: 1.) implementation of 4-week lasting mobilities, which will be a learning oriented, 2.) carrying out practical training in companies abroad, 3.) produced matrix of competencies for skills for the participants of mobility, 4.) to obtain the Europass Mobility certificates 5.) ECVET assessment of acquired skills of participants of mobility as an integral part of their school commitments and Where and when: Mobility will be held in Austria, Germany, Malta and Sweden. Mobilities will be implemented from October 2014 to June 2016.



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