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ECVET Lehrlingsmobilität 2014 - 4 Länder / 4 Sektoren - reloaded
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The KA1 mobility project ECVET Lehrlingsmobilität 2014 - 4 Länder / 4 Sektoren reloaded is planning to implement practical placements for apprentices or young people in the dual initial VET system from 4 economic sectors and in 4 receiving countries. In this way young people from the sectors advanced manufacturing technologies, tourism, trade/retail and public administration will get the possibility to have a practical placement in institutions and companies of the same sector either in Germany, Italy, Spain or United Kingdom. The planned duration of the placements is between 2 and 6 weeks according to the corporate frame conditions, so the project also provides the possibility to have longer placements for participants. An important focus of the project lies on the use of ECVET as method for the qualitative implementation of the mobility actions. At the beginning of the selection process we will define units of learning outcomes together with the companies and according to the professional profile which will be able to be gained during the practical placement. These will be agreed with the host organisations in a memorandum of understanding. A learning agreement will be the basis of agreement between apprentices and companies and if needed their parents. In a personal transcript the acquired units of learning outcomes will be documented at the end of the placement as basis for further recognition. Besides ECVET the participants will also be issued an Europass for the documentation of their practical placement. The project will be implemented in a co-operation of well experienced intermediary organisations with excellent contacts and networks to companies in all four sectors. With this we can offer the possibility to reflect the conditions and requirements of companies and apprentices in a best possible way. Permanent monitoring during the implementation of the placements will ensure quality, for young people under 18 we will offer an accompanying person. The evaluation strategy of the project which focuses on each single project phase as well as a dissemination strategy which allows for dissemination of results far beyond the participating organisations and apprentices will lead to a broad project impact.



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