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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Ecology of The Young Spirit" is a trilateral transnational youth initiative in which take part Estonia, Bulgaria and Slovenia youth organizations. The project takes place between 01.09.2015-01.07.2016. Objectives of the project: • To develop participant’s competencies, specially in the field of ecological education (healthy consumer, saving your place of living, green lifestyle), healthy life style (physically activity and healthy eating habits, attitudes about individual health responsibility and care accountability) • To involve more young people into activities of the project about their healthy lifestyle • work out program for children and youngsters to increase their awareness of ecological and healthy lifestyle. Project was initiated by youth group from Sillamäe Youth Center "Beehive", who want to make changes in their lives and in the life of youth in their town and increase awareness of young people about reasonable consumption, healthy lifestyle and importance of ecological education. There are different activities planned: * 3 transnational meetings in Estonia Bulgaria and Slovenis, to share best practices in ecological education and to learn new methods of working with young people * over 27 activities for young people on topics: Healthy lifestyle, ecological education, reasonable consumption * TAC-TAC activity (during which they suggest any person join their project by taking personal challenge about improving lifestyle or making lifestyle more healthy) Transnational youth initiative wil be held by 27 young participant from Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and 3 youth leaders to support them. They will get certificate-Youthpass and knowledge about program Erasmus + and a very rich experience in youth work field. Over 300 young peple will take part in project activities in every particpating country.



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