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Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Vertigem - Associação para a Promoção do Património is a local non governmental for environmental protection organisation with 108 members (all volunteers) with headquarters in the Natural Park of “Serra de Aire e Candeeiros” in the Leiria region (center of Portugal) The activities of Vertigem are: – realization of activities considering the promotion of natural and cultural patrimony- realization of exchange activities, seminars, conferences and training - realization of expeditions and guided visits - edition of pedagogic documents to support outdoor activities- promotion of rural areas, and sustainable agriculture practices and traditionsVertigem is is member of the European Organisation AVSO, and of the network Arca-Net.Face to the new challenges that are placed to XXI century youth, like global warming, lost of biodiversity, health and social protection, it’s necessary to have innovating answers that allow adequate opportunities to the personal realization in a context of solidarity, social cohesion and sustainability.Basing on non-formal education this project proposes to young volunteers an active participation in the main themes: Environment and Rural development, and challenges them to reinforce, by their participation, cultural diversity and social inclusion. The volunteer will participate in the activities, being integrated in groups of youth members, with whom they will collaborate in the following tasks:TasksA- Environmental Centre1- Agricultural park1.1 Composting System: the implementation of a composting system causes diverse benefits, such as the reuse and recycling of residues – these measures are always important to integrate a program of environmental management.1.2 Production of farm products (biological): fruits; honey (proceeding from the beekeeping); Bags of humus (proceeding from the composting process); Bags of tea and plants seasoning; Flowers (proceeding from the greenhouse).1.3 – Feeding the animals, take them to the pastures, maintenance of fences and stables, to milk, make cheese and bread.2- House of the reused bottles 2.1 “The Green” Workshop – preparation, preservation and packing of the farm products ;2.2 Recycling paper - several activities which the main goal will be direct experimentation and interpretation for groups, with specific incidence on slocal schools.3- Realization of workshops for local schools and visitants of the farm:- Crafts products from the 3 workshops:- A pack for the production of recycled paper;- Recycled paper objects;- Teas and infusions.4 - Nature Conservation 4.1 – Participate in local campaing actions of cleaning forest4.2 - Keeping the Natural paths of PNSAC4.3 – Opening and maintenance of paths and footpaths4.4 – Reforestation activities in the PNSAC5 - Ecology Group: to search for illegal waste deposits 6 - Bicycle Patrollers6.1 - Monitoring and prevention6.2 - Patrols in Natural Park of Serras de Aire e Candeeiros (when locating forest fires alert thefire department)6.3 - Maintenance of the equipment used in the activities (bicycle, binoculars…)



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