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Ecological application of nanosorbents on the base of natural and synthetic ionites and carbons (ECONANOSORB)
Date du début: 1 mai 2012, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The proposed research project brings together European universities and research centres from Spain, Italy and Germany and three participant institutions from Russian Federation and Ukraine. It builds on existing international projects under the Seventh Framework programme and will enhance the already active collaboration in the field of environmental protection. The main aim of the proposal is to create conditions for mutual research among similarly orientated European research institutions and overcome existing gap between research institution and wood processing industry. The main objectives are: supporting and improving human and research potential, expanding research cooperation in European research area, spreading the output of the research on the both European and international level. Some of the project outputs are exchanging know-how with experienced research entities in Europe, Russia and Ukraine organizing conferences, creating strategic research plan for forest products based sector, improving tools for research results dissemination and online service for forest based industry sector. Increasing production of wood processing industry within Europe, with limited resources of renewable wood raw material, creates needs for more efficient, effective and knowledge based utilization of this raw material. The project consists of the following workpackage Preparation, characterization of nanomaterials from natural and synthetic ionits for adsorption of industrial toxicants; Preparation, characterization and application of combined adsorbents on the base of carbon nanomaterials; Application of nanosorbents for wastewaters and air purification and utilization in nanocomposite materials; Development of a sensor of industrial toxicants and biomedical devices on the base of nanomaterials; Risk and impact assessment related to production and application of nanomaterials in the wood industry as well as Project coordination."



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