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École primaire CM2 Section européenne
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A few months ago, the French Educational system was reformed, as the Minister decided to include the first year of the secondary school (6th class) into the key stage 3 (it will now concern Cours moyens 1ère et 2ème années, then 6th class of "college"). In order to improve pupils'results at the end of "CM2", Cary Sauvage public school of Boulogne sur mer plans to promote English teaching and ICT (information and communication technology) utilization. Current pupils'results are far too low (only 30 % of the pupils leaving the school have reached the level 2 of primary skills , only around 40 % of the pupils have confirmed their skills in English and ICT). Cary school aims to prepare itself to welcome an European unit in order to teach a topic in English ( mathematics for example). It wants to be ready if the Ministry of National Education decides to create an International unit in a primary school. One college and one lycée are already providing this kind of option in Boulogne. One teacher wants to take part in the language learning courses offered by SILC (in Oxford) during her summer holidays, from July, 13th till July, 24th 2015. Her teaching of English in her CM2 class (10-11-year-old pupils) would be greatly improved. Besides that, she could teach them another topic in English. Being more efficient could also allow her to develop her already launched school exchanges with a British school, to videoconference with those classes, or even to publish articles in English on the school own website to inform parents and British pen-pals about new events for example. All of this will contribute to increase the interest of young pupils for foreign languages, foreign countries, and could provide a better preparation for an international dimension of their education and even professional career. Finally, she thinks that this could make them feel European, which is one of the main objectives of education nowadays.