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Echange culturel à travers le Futsal
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 1 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main topic of our project is sport which is a crucial element for cultural exchanges and integration. Moreover, our sport is a multicultural one, where young people and older people from all countries, origins and social categories mix. Cultural mix is really present and will be extremely rewarding for the Volunteers. The international dimension is the crux of the organization of the Mondial Futsal -TIFE Christophe BRISSET- . Since the first edition, delegations have come from Oceania (Australia, New Caledonia), Africa (Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, and so on...), from Asia (United Arab Emirates), from Latin America (French Guyana) and from all the regions of Europe (French Riviera, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain...). Our project aims to use the "excuse" of Futsal - a passion we share - to create an intercultural gathering which would allow participants to get to know each other, to better understand our differences and to encourage exchanges of all kinds. All the participants (from 600 to 700 people) are thus gathered in the same accomodation in order to make meetings and exchanges easier. The very presence of our Volunteers among the Organization committee aims to take into account the specificities to foster exchanges and contacts. After 7 years of experience, it cannot be denied that many associations have developed strong relationships after meeting during our event and send invitations to each other for their own events. A great number of these associations have also got better acquainted with costums from other cultures or have simply discovered (for Maghreb countries or Eastern countries) the practice of "adapted sport" in countries where disabilities are often a taboo. Our club promotes integration through Sport in general and futsal in particular, be it in terms of origins and physical condition. And our club helps young people in need or estranged from their families and disabled people. So far, all the youths who have benefited from a voluntary or salaried mission in the framework of a mission to promote professional insertion or a work experience have learnt a great deal on these central themes of our people-focused policy. One of the Missions of our Volunteers will specifically consist in spotting the main cultural differences to deliberately organize exchanges about this sub-projects during the event. Therefore, we will be happy to welcome 2 Spanish volunteers - a man and a woman - in order to help teams come from their country, a country where we will organize with them a preliminary tournament in 2 different cities.



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