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ECETT Mobility Polska - Europejski cross-training kompetencyjny. Praca z dorosłymi osobami zagrożonymi wykluczeniem społecznym, w tym z osobami uzależnionymi od alkoholu i substancji psychoaktywnych.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project is to develop comprehensive skills for therapists working with people addicted to psychoactive substances, including the 'legal highs' that constitute a particular challenge because of their unstable structure and extreme popularity in Poland. In the opinion of Wolfgang Goetz, director of the EMCDDA drug scene in Europe varies with emerging market innovation, which makes us constantly review the work methods and strategies for prevention and addiction treatment (EMCDDA, "Annual Report 2008 State of the drug problem in Europe" Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg 2008). The priority is therefore to create a concept system to solve the above problem by minimizing the risks associated with the use of such substances as well as any other psychoactive substances. This project responds to the needs so our staff in the field of preventive and therapeutic measures in the face of constantly changing market full of different psychoactive substances. What is important - this problem has a European coverage, this is not an isolated phenomenon observable only in Poland. This is why we want to offer to our staff internships in the partner organizations to allow them to observe innovative ways of working with the addiction problem. Already the mere fact of traveling and meeting workers from foreign organizations enriches the experience, develops competencies and provides information on alternative practices and therapeutic solutions used in a variety of organizations in Europe. By transfering the tradition of international apprenticeship training program for addiction therapists working with adults will be an opportunity to develop a workshop, learn new skills and build a relationship of cooperation in international perspective. Our project involves organizing a 2-week (35 hours per week) training for 16 employees of Monar Association in 4 European countries: Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium and Italy. Participants will be matched with the host organization based on their declared training needs and will have the opportunity to observe practices in culturally different settings. All internships will be spread over 24 months from 2015 until 2017. While working in these institutions for a period of two weeks the interns will have the opportunity to observe good practices, increase knowledge and skills and to disseminate all the lessons learned upon their return to the institution of origin. ECEtt method applied (training by travel) provides adults with flexible learning pathways throughout their lives in order to strengthen professional skills in the field of addiction and social exclusion. According to the assumptions of this method in the long term, we expect to increase motivation in our emplooyees and improve therapeutic results and social conditions in our facilities. In the framework of international educational mobility we would like to offer: In terms of professional development - Placements in institutions of the host organization, with many years of experience in the addiction field: Participants will learn the methods and tools used in European countries, will be able to compare the efficacy of the methods and working conditions - The possibility to supplement the knowledge under the guidance of experienced supervisors (increase professional competence) - Increasing the motivation of work team - Opening up to new perspectives and experiences In terms of language skills: - The opportunity to develop language competence, particularly in terms of thematic vocabulary which will facilitate greatly the ability to read specialized literature In the intercultural frame: - The opportunity to develop international competence through activity in the European therapeutic environment, moreover, the opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of the host country In terms of adaptation: - The opportunity to improve team skills, problem solving skills in non-standard situations, the organization of working time and free time



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