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Eat right - Be smart
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Healthy diet plays an important role in health promotion and disease prevention. One of the objects is to raise awaress about right eating habits during school age, referring to 10-15 ages which has a great impact on future living to prevent common well fare diseases. Nowadays, changing in life style and lack of nutrition literacy have created unhealthy dietary patterns causing for many non-communicable diseases. Therefore many international institions concentrate on diets and health. According to WHO reports, the major NCDs, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and mental disorders, account for 86 % of deaths and 77 % of the disease. One of the main aim of this project is to enable our students and teachers to broaden their knowledge about healthy food and develop the ability of making concious choise of healthy eating. The activities are directed at improving students competence in English through the possibility of working with an international team and by hostig students from partner countries during the visits cultural awareness and the desire and necesserity of learning a foreign language will increase. The activities are also directed at improving students competence in acquiring various IT skills in the learning process and also teaching the students to make active health choises. It will also develop their awareness of the connection between healthy eating and a healthy body and how you can, as a young european, tackle the big challenge of for example obesity and the disaeses followed, wich is a huge European problem today. For teachers involved the main aim is to discuss teaching methods according to the topic and develop higher skills according to health education. We aim to compare on an European level how the different school systems prioritate the question of healthy eating in the shools. Teachers and schools involved will benifit by getting a higher skills by learning new pedagogical methods in teaching about the importance of healthy living for young Europeans. In this project about 3700 teachers and students from Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Sweden participate. The school in Sweden will be coordinating school and takes care of the administration and the dates for the project as it is in progress. Sweden makes a leaflet including a comparision between young peoples eating habits in various parts of Europe and calorie burning. The school in Germany will distribute our mutual cookery book including recepies, pictures and information from partner countries both digital and in paper form. The school of Italy takes responsibilty of crerating a mutual website and take responsibility to update our e-twinning account. The school of Portugal makes a calendar illustrated with healthy food. The school of Lithuania will produce evaluation forms for all the participating institutions and summery the oppinions of the students and other interests of each participating institutions. The school of Turkey are responsible to prepare surveys and gathering lesson plans about healthy and ecological food from each partner school and distributes it in a binder to the participating countries. Turkey distributes the mutual work book. The school of Romania takes responsibility to prepare a useful guide brochure about food labels and laws about food additives. Each country is responsible for completing the tasks included in the project and also for planning the visits in respective country. The planning includes some external visits and time to discuss and develop lesson plans connected to the topic. All countries contributes to our mutual Cookery Book and our mutual leaflet including a comparision between young peoples eating habits in various parts of Europe and calorie burning. All countries contributes to the binder with health lessons. Our project's result will be downloaded on e-twinning. All our project products, for example the Cookery book, the leaflets and most important the binder with lesson plans will be distributed both in mother tounge and in english printed locally and in local and international websites. Students will be encouraged to stay in touch with their partner students and as our experience from earlier projects shows, teachers too stay in touch with each other after the end of the project. This can create a solid ground for further cooperation within Europe.



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