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East Wind, West Wind
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"East Wind, West Wind" is a project designed to host 4 volunteers from different European (Spain and France) and Eastern-Europe and Caucasus countries (Armenia and Georgia) in 4 social services managed by Società Cooperativa Sociale Studio Progetto (Daily Centres "Il Faro" and "La Lanterna", the Social and Rehabilitation Programme "No Problem", the Youth Project of Valdagno and the Centers educational afternoon for childrens and teens). The servíces will last up to 11 months from October 2014. Studio Progetto has a long tradition in promoting volunteering among young people of his region and in 2012 it started working with European Voluntary Service too. As a Cooperative we believe that the inclusion of volunteers in services with a strong social purpose will promote a sense of solidarity and tolerance of diversity among young people and we are highly convincend it could be an important educative experience to improve personal development. Furthermore, the presence of European volunteers will stimulate dialogue, intercultural understanding and mutual respect among Cooperative's operators and the external entities (associations, organizations and institutions, but also young people) with whom the volunteers will be in contact. Through the exchange of their experiences and by their presence in projects the four volunteers will be a real input for young people and all community, to promote Europe Citizenship and the Erasmus+. Since Sudio Progetto is a unique organization including differents ares of interventions each volunteer will be costantly followed by a tutor to take care at every needs they'll have regarding to different services and all objectives written above will be monitoried step by step.



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