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East-West Partners ‘SHIP
Date du début: 18 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 17 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Shortly after New Years celebrations we organised the contact making seminar "East-West Partners ‘SHIP" in Tbilisi, Georgia. Main motivation for Richter to organize this kind of projects can be found in the fact that we conducted in the past 17 years many youth exchanges in the Netherlands and regularly participate abroad. Unfortunately, many youth exchanges can be described as very low quality. This is partly due to incompetence of the organizing partner country, or no active involvement of all partners and participants in the preparation of the exchange. It has also become a European standard that if a person have participated one or two times in a youth exchange they are suddenly able to organize self youth exchanges. Or worse; participated in a training means for many participants that they see themselves as a trainer in the youth exchange. We experience this kind of practice as an impoverishment and a complete denied the the principle of Erasmus project, namely; active participation of the participating organizations and from facilitators and participants in order to achieve a successful event. This contact making seminar will not stop impoverishment in Erasmus+ projects but might can ensure that in 2015 some high-quality youth exchanges in Europe will be carried out, and which might can function as a model for other European organizations of a successful project. The contact making seminar was giving the opportunity to the participants to: - reflect on values and aims of non-formal learning; - strengthen their knowledge of new trends in youth and social work - deeper their understanding of how evaluation methods could be used to reach out to traditionally excluded groups; - develop skills and strategies to be more responsive in dynamic environments. To achieve the objectives we used topics as theory and practice of evaluations techniques as tools for learning, using games as non-formal learning tool, etc. The methods that we used during the intense contact making seminar was peer education. This method commit and join participants in a pleasant way to share good and bad moments together, to promote and balance and solidarity among the participant. Outcome of this method was to give positive energy to those who share and take. By undergoing a variety of methods, discovery of new techniques in a complete different environment we encourage closer partnerships. More intensity, more balance, more opportunities to achieve long-term partnerships and more sustainable impact. From the participants we expected that after they went back home they would implement the practical knowledge and skills they have developed during the project in new activities at local, national and European levels.



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