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Earth Core
Date du début: 3 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 2 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The expansion of renewable energies assumes a key role in the development of sustainable growth in Southern Italy.The development of renewable energy can encourage a reduction in Italy’s(high) rate of dependence on foreignenergy and can therefore help to increase both our energy efficiency and energyindependence.The South Italy presents nationally competitive advantages in terms of power produced by renewable(solar, wind and biomass)energies;Geothermal energy, especially in the South,could also offer important opportunities in the production of thermal energy(used to heat and to cool) and, in the longer term, in the production of electricity. Italy has an abundance of geothermal energy possibilities, the sources of geothermal energy present in Italy is only exceeded by Iceland in Europe. The South with theinclusion of Tuscany and Lazio are the regions richest in geothermal resources, especially in Campania and Puglia.Different studies have shown that sustainable energy innovation could create up to 200,000 jobsin the renewableenergysector(with the development of new professionsrelated to so-called green skills) whichwould rise to more than 600.000 when we consider those involved in building and regenerating buildings (Legambiente). These are not random numbersplucked from the sky, in Germany for example400,000 people area already employed in renewable energy thanks to a favorable policy development and incentives for working towards energy efficiency.Italy could follow this example and not only benefit in terms of having control of their own energy but also creating jobs in the process and laying the foundations for a long standing and successful industry.Starting from this analysis, the idea of the project Earth Core is born, as an opportunity for new technical high school graduates to receive a training in the renewable energy sector in a European context that will allow them to be competitive in a world more and more competitive and where in the face of such many business challenges, the most powerful weapon available to operators in this sector is a formation pointing to the quality and innovation that focuses on environmental compliance.As a general objective, Earth Core aims to create qualified professionals able to import and contextualize the good practices in the field of renewable energy, especially in geothermal energy, on their territory. It promotes the birth of a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in the field, launching at the same time awareness activities in this regard, by promoting geothermal energy as a clean and free renewable source.Specific objectives:- Adressed to 100 new high school graduates from technical institutes in the fields of mechanics, mechatronics and energy; electronics and electrical engineering; construction, environment and territory and it aims at a training that will help them developing new skills and providing them with greater expertise in the field of geothermal energy source and more generally of renewable energy sources;- It aims to provide an educational experience that is relevant to the labor market;- It aims to address the problem of low education of young high school graduates, that is one of the causes of youth unemployment and the need for a stronger link between vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship. A greater understanding of the interconnections between these areas will improve the overall results of learning of young people.Core Earth was promoted by the State Technical “Mondelli” of Massafra (TA). It has found the support of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Information of the Second University of Naples and Legambiente Campania; 012Factory and the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises of Caserta The beneficiaries of the project will be new high school graduates (within one year of high school diploma) of the technical colleges project partners (I.I.S.S. “C. Mondelli” of Massafra (TA), I.T.I. “G.B.B. Lucarelli” of Benevento, I.I.S.S. “Pacinotti” of Taranto, I.T.S. “M. Buonarroti” of Caserta, I.T.I.S. “F. Giordani” of Caserta.Mobility activities involve two streams lasting three months, without interruption, in which the beneficiaries will intern at companies of the following European countries: Greece, Czech Republic,Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom.At the end of the mobility period, for each of the two streams, a final workshop will held in which the acquired skills and experiences will be shared. It will involve companies operating in the area, professional associations and all stakeholders.The expected result will be the birth, in each of the beneficiaries, of an entrepreneurship spirit in order to assist them in actions of self-employment. It will be a first opportunity to create a meeting point with the business sector of renewable energy and geothermal energy of the Italian South and to build a network of exchange of good practices.



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