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Earth Challenge - Training for Trainers in Environmental Field
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the period between 03 - 10 October 2015, we implemented a training course “Earth Challenge – Training for trainers in Environmental Field”. The training provided opportunity to 20 youth workers to work on their personal development as future trainers in environmental field. The training was used as platform for creation of new methods, activities, games, resource that can be used in various environmental projects, workshops and activities and with various target groups. Participants from 5 countries participated in the project, Croatia, Macedonia, Spain, Portugal and Romania. The project main goal was to ensure capacity building for environmental organizations. As partners in many projects implemented in the past, identified that many young people across Europe have some experience and leadership potential to become educators in environmental field but are not inspired to go further and become trainers due to various reasons. This was the background why to implement this training course. We provided space for 20 motivated young leaders to broaden their knowledge in environment protection and sustainable development and increase their own personal development and facilitation skills, so they become mini-educators in environmental area. Objectives of the project focused enriching participants knowledge about elements in environmental protection and sustainable development through interactive educative workshops; ensuring development of skills such as effective communication skills, presentational and facilitation skills and creating a network of young trainers; arming participants with resources, methods used when learning about environment and environmental protection by presenting, explaining, and practicing methods of facilitation and analyzing non-formal methods of learning used in this area, motivating participants to adopt and develop new workshops, activities and methods and publish them in e-book “Earth Challenge”; empower youth leaders to become educators ready to take leading role in youth organization and transmit the knowledge through various projects; providing them space to experience in practice facilitations by organizing eco-workshop for local kids; straighten cooperation among our organizations. Activities undertaken focused on promoting environmental protection, sustainable development, environmental issues, through the usage of non-formal methods of learning in form of games, educative workshops, simulation, role play, active participation. Educative workshops about environment elements, problems, issues were implemented, discussion and drawing conclusions about possible solutions was integral part of workshops. Also the topic of sustainable development was tackled through tailored activities / learning by doing. The daily program allowed a lot of information to be shared, a lot of topics to be discussed and knowledge to be broadened. Results and impact obtained: Participants had the opportunity to participate as well in so-called “development” workshops, where they had space to use their full potential and knowledge and experience in youth work, and work on development of workshops, methods and games that were later published in e-book “Earth challenge”. The e-book is free to download on Facebook page of the project: and on Scribd profile of Argonauta:, and it has been shared through partners networks. E-book “Earth Challenge” contains information about the project in general, resources and activities that were design by the participants. Facebook page was developed for the purpose of promoting project idea, implementation and results. One of the results from the project was the design and the implementation of 2 local workshops with local kids which allowed participants to experience what means to be trainer and facilitator in practice. More than 50 young kids from local school in Sibenik took part in local workshops which were designed and organized by participants. These kids had opportunity through newly created games on the training to learn more about environment and environmental protection, and participants on the other hand had chance to see how their developed activities are implemented in practice. As a last result a serial of short promotional movies was developed and published after the project with the aim to promote Erasmus+ projects. On a long term base beneficiaries of our project are organizations working in environmental protection across Europe. We have boost the personal development of 20 future trainers and educators in field of environment who are ready to help in implementing actions, projects, activities related to environmental topics. Activities developed during the project ensure sustainability of our work, in future they will be used as tools and methods in our work .



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