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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Compass has launched its skill development programme for children (6-18 yrs) and young people (18-25 yrs)10 years ago. The outcomes of the programme showed that the skill development should start in early childhood to help choosing schools. The aim of the Compass that skill development should start at early stage in the childhood at least when the children 3 years are old. The coordinating organization had already done voluntary work in kindergartens of Somogy and Kaposvár county in the participating kindergardens took place several volunteer actions. Based on previous cooperation and feedbacks of the parents and the children 4 kindergarden decided to host full time volunters to enriching the daily life of the kindergardens. Involved countries: FR, DE, EE, RO Number of volunteers: 6 Number of host places: 4 Coordinating org: Compass The aim of the project: - getting know people with different nationalities - to motivate people to communicate in foreign languages - open diversity mindset - getting know the spirit of volunteering. Main activities: In addition to daily activities ( dressing children, helping at meals etc) the young volunteers have a opportunity to have workshops on own culture and habits and to participate in the activities related to pedagogical programme of the kindergardens ( gardening, excursion with the parents etc) The project contributes to volunteers skills development, being active citizen,to successful career choices.During the voluntary activities the volunteer can have own initiative, they learn how to work with children.



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