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Early Inclusion through Learning from Each Other
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUND: "Early Inclusion" adresses the fact, that despite EU28 strategies and political will a significant gap can be observed between the concept of INCLUSION and the concrete realisation in the field of Early Childhood Education and CARE (ECEC) and in the field of youth work. A lack of concrete methodologies (what exactly to do to act in an inclusive way), of professional training (where to learn inclusive methods) and of resources (which means are necessary) are seen as major obstacles. Even though inclusion is primarily understood as model of attitude, professionals need a) information about special educational needs of children, b) concrete methods and c) resources. AIM: a) "Early Inclusion" aims to increase the quality of services in ECEC and Youth (especially for vulnerable children) by a) transfering best practice INFORMATION material (UK briefing packs focused on diverse typs of disability) linguistically and conerning the target sector into ECEC and youth work. b) The project also aims to increase the availabilty of inclusive skills: On the job learning of concrete INCLUSIVE METHODS is facilitated by a community of practice tool. Professionals learn from each other by describing "concrete sucess stories" of inclusive acting. By means of automatic translation fucntion these learning opportunities are also available for other linguistic backgrounds, especially enabling access for more professionals towards EU28 experience. c) "Early Inclusion" also bridges the gap between stakeholders/parents peception/expectations and professional performance and increases the match and mutual understanding what can be done on a concrete level concerning inclusive pedagogy in ECEC. OUTCOMES a) Inclusion Briefing Pack: ICT based learning material for ECEC professionals for "ready to take" materials concerning the educational needs of young children with disabilty or at risk. Best practice material transfered from school settings in UK (EN, DE, FR, MK, HU. TR) b) Inclusion Method Market: online community of practice exchange platform which enables concrete professional skill learning from other by "concrete inclusive sucess stories" (EN, DE, FR, MK, TR, HU) c) Online certification and monitoring of informal learning: Complementary online platform for professionals to accreditate formal and informal learning (EN, DE, FR, TR, MK, HU) PARTNERSHIP: Multisectorial (AT, UK, DE SME), DE, MK, LU (NGO), TR, HU (university), Community service (DE) and multigeographical consortium (DE, UK, TR, LU, MK, HU, AT) with partly extensive experience in EU partnershiop and partly no. TARGET GROUPS (mainly sectors, who are not specifically prepared for "Inclusion") kindergartenteachers day mothers/day fathers Professionals in "Frühen Hilfen" Educators in nurseries Therapists (e.g. occupational..) Youth workers IMPACT: Early Inclusion increases the quality of services by concrete implemetation of professional inclusive skills. Earrly inclusion enhances ICT skills of proffesionals by using online tools within a community of practice. The project reduces the match between political understanding of inclusion and concrete implementation in ECEC.



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