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E-VAL3: Models and Instruments for the evaluation of e-learning and ICT supported learning

The purpose of the E-VAL3 project is to evaluate the various environments that exist in the field of e-learning and ICT based learning.The project will review existing research into e-learning and will collate and cross-reference these results, it will review and report on current deficiencies in this research and will both establish major research questions and propose a research agenda. The project will then design and introduce a new framework, for the classification and storage of and access to existing research with this and all e-learning evaluation and outcomes then being mapped onto the new framework.E-VAL3 will propose new models for the evaluation of e-learning able to take account of different learner groups, different learning environments, different socio-cultural contexts and different technologies. A series of tools and instruments will finally be developed to support the evaluation of e-learning in European Vocational Education and Training, targeted at the identified market deficiencies.Dissemination will include the release of bulletin reports at the end of each project year, progress reports via the partner web platform, publishing of reports and presentation of a symposia of papers at a selected European conference relevant to the theme. The majority of products will be downloadable from the internet free of charge.



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