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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Considering the importance the EU gives to education and training beeing essential to unlocking the potential of people, regardless the age or the backgrounds, our organization propose the project EU COUNTRY ARTISANS designed to follow the identified needs at the organizational level and the social needs identified at the regional level. We want to develop our organization's activities locally and regionally, and also we want to be sure of its internationalization by realising partnerships with foreign organizations. The objectives of this project arise directly from the general and specific objectives of the Erasmus+ programme and are in accordance with Europe 2020. The general objective is: - Helping adults from socially disadvantaged groups to identify the opportunities of overcoming the economic crisis through entrepreneurship. The specific objectives are: 1. The identification of potential crafts in the region and the establishment of some ways to improve the social life of rural residents. 2. Realising entrepreneurship, IT and marketing online courses for the socially disadvantaged groups identified as the target group. 3. The establishment of a network at EU level with craftsmen who want to participate through an electronic platform, which will bring together the artisans, craft products made by them in order to be commercialised, to improve living standards. We believe that this entrepreneurship project, will sketch the implementation of a social entrepreneurship project, as we seek to resolve a social problem with a business solutions. Through the online platform the socially disadvantaged adults, the target group, following the course of entrepreneurship and following the practical activities where they learn the secret of a craft, they will be able to open their own small business. Being present on the online platform that brings together craftsmen from partner countries, will allow them to be known locally and internationally and they will be able to sell their products. In this way, their income will increase, their social status will be improved and the rural area will become prosper with people who work and have a good income. The existence of the online platform will guarantee the sustainability of the project. We will implement as intellectual outputs the online Platform, the Handicrafts Catalogue that brings together artisans and crafts from the partner countries, the entrepreneurship online course posted on the Internet and other learning/teaching materials. The outcomes obtained by implementing the project will be: - improving practical skills related to project management ; - improving skills related to the development and the management of a business plan, proper preparation of the budget, the correct interpretation of the legal requirements; - improving networking skills related to teamwork and cooperation with partners from different cultural backgrounds; - building successful partnerships with national and international organizations; - knowledge and practical information on EU funding opportunities for 2014-2020 in education and training; - improving communication skills in a foreign language that provides the ability to build relationships internationally. The dissemination plan will include real activities and realistic deadlines to complete. Particularly important will be the multiplier events that will bring people from outside of the project organisations.



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