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e-Services Education
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The horizontal objective of the partnership called “e-Services Education” is to develop new ICT services offered to schools and local community of Mersin, Turkey and Arta, Greece in the field of education. The idea is based on creating an innovative tool of multifolded e-learing platform accessible to different groups in reference to education. The idea of creating and implementing such tool is the answer to the call of modernity, digitalization and computerization of every aspect of life. It also answers the wishes and needs of teachers, parents and students who are the main subjects and the beneficiary groups of this project The project aims at creating this vast and generic tool because never before have we developed such an education – supportive device. Socially it is important as it brings schools together creating a network of organizations, schools and libraries important for our local societies. It will allow to co-operate and exchange good practices between schools on local and international levels. It will build up the atmosphere of cooperation and friendliness. Professionally, it will enlarge the database of edu – tools, teaching / learning ideas ( ELT), practical exercises and evaluation methods in unprecedented scale in our regions. It will offer such innovative tools as: e-administration, e-register for schools, e-learning, online teaching with lessons recorded and uploaded on the platform: podcasts, mobile schooling and educational games and applications, QR logos, smart-phone and tablets applications, useful links, online contests or entrepreneurial portal. Due to our project we expect to achieve several different goals which would refer to different subjects who we want to address like teachers, students, education workers, parents and other citizens of our cities. The project will activate people from different groups: administrative staff of our organizations, project workers and other beneficiaries. It will upgrade the competences of educational staff and subjects of education introducing new products and methods for practical educational use. Development of e-learning platform will have enormous impact on the quality of education in our respective regions. The target groups will benefit in terms of improving the level of learning / teaching, linguistic skills and entrepreneurial approach. Also the deeper cross – cultural understanding and transnational cooperation will be brought about. It will trigger modernization of our teaching techniques and will be successfully used after the project conclusion. In the project there will be involved about 15 administrative workers of our organizations, about 70 teachers from both regions, about 3000 students directly or indirectly involved in the project activities and about 4000 parents in our respective regions. We anticipate that by means of this project will establish very good working relationships between the institutions engaged in the learning activity, as key-decision factors, and that this partnership will continue beyond the period of the project implementation as well as all the invented educational tools.



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