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E-nergy V-itality S-trength
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The presented project ”E-nergy V-itality S-trength” involves four volunteers coming from Poland, Portugal, Austria and Estonia and five organisations: OpportUNITY (United Kingdom), acting as coordinating and hosting organisation, Desincoop (Portugal), Stowarzyszenie "Jeden Świat" (Poland), InfoEck - Jugendinfo Tirol (Austria) and EstYes (Estonia) performing the roles of sending organisations. The project will take place between October 2015 and July 2017 and each volunteer will spend a year in Newcastle upon Tyne. All of them will join our team in October 2015 and stay for 12 months. The main subject of the project and planned activities is the promotion of European Awareness and the newly introduced Erasmus+ programme, as well as fighting against any forms of discrimination with the help of innovative and engaging methods, based on the concept of non-formal education. Through hard and dedicated work performed by volunteers with the help and support from the organisations involved in the project, we aim to reach the following objectives: - emphasise the vital role of young Europeans in shaping and creating a better future of the continent; - demonstrate how young Europeans, with a little encouragement, can improve their own employability skills, find their own path of life and benefit from the help and support provided by the European Union. We strongly believe that international voluntary service is a great opportunity for all parties involved in it. We see volunteering as an enriching factor that helps us to be more open, tolerant, as well as to learn, know, see and understand better the world around us. Volunteers will work mainly with youth, especially focusing on groups with fewer opportunities. As mentioned before, the working methods used in the project will be based on the concept of non-formal education and will be implemented through workshops, awareness-raising campaigns or organising local and international meetings of young people. Thanks to the activities carried out by the volunteers, we hope to empower young people from all over Europe by emphasising the opportunities at their disposal. Our goal is to show that, despite the economic crisis in Europe, young people don’t have to suffer because of it: thanks to international volunteering and a pro-active attitude, everything can be achieved.



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