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e-Management of multidisciplinary projects for secondary schools
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project ”e-Management of multidisciplinary projects for secondary schools” (eMM Projects 4 Schools) aims at solving the partner schools need to create learning contexts for their students to prepare them for real life and strengthen cooperation between school-family-community, by sharing best practices and cooperation between European teachers The project objectives, until the end of October 2017, for 800 pupils and 79 teachers from secondary schools in Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia and Turkey, aim at: 1.Elaborating and steering the European curricula The Management of Multidisciplinary Projects and of the support materials, provided to the targeted pupils and teachers, in a digitally, in English and Mother tongues. 2.Optimizing the learning resources designed for the pupils from the target group, due to the creation of an e-learning platform in order to cover the European curricula‚The Management of The Multidisciplinary Projects’ and to use Google Drive tools. 3.Developing the pupils’ skills of elaborating, implementing and evaluating a multidisciplinary project, beginning from a real need/problem of the pupils, the school or the community, through the common composition and implementation of 5 multidisciplinary projects concerning the social relationships and communication, healthy lifestyle, violence, cyber bullying and human rights 4.Developing the pupils’ key competences (communication in both maternal and English languages, digital, social and civic skills, initiative spirit and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression) by covering of the European curriculum and implementing the multidisciplinary projects. In the first year of project, the partner teachers will create (starting to the common contents of national curriculas corelate with the identified needs) and operate on a group of 150 students (25 / school) the European curricula "Multidisciplinary Project Management" provided as an e-learning platform, with 1 kit for teachers and another one for pupils in English and native languages. Going through the course, students will communicate and work in teams to develop the draft of the European multidisciplinary project on TwinSpace using Google Drive tools. The projects will focus on solving common real needs. At the end, students and teachers will evaluate the projects by selecting the best 5 projects. In the second year of the project the 5 winning projects will be implemented, involving parents. The curriculum will be tested and implemented for the other 650 students in the target group similarly, too. Teachers will collaborate to create and apply appropriate common strategies of teaching-learning trough multidisciplinary project-based approaches, of evaluating the key skills of students in real-life contexts. They will design and implement effective assessment practices, reflexive, with a clear purpose and permanent feedback, of a high quality, with emphasis on methods which can be characterised as performance-based assessment: projects, group/peer work, presentations, interviews, role plays, reflective diaries, (e)-portfolios. The Curricula and platform will be revised / improved at the end of each year. The multiplier event of this intellectual product will be the symposium "e-Education for key competences". Other results will be Project TwinSpace with e-portfolios of students and teachers, diary, and also Project Facebook page. The Impact of the project will demonstrate that: - All students have developed the skills of project writing and management and show an increased interest for involvement in solving the needs / real problems of their life, the school, community - At least 75% of students will have improved their social, civic, digital, communication in their native language and English skills. - All teachers have the improved ability to apply at lessons and extracurricular activities multidisciplinary approaches that promotes learning in an environment rich in technology and based on solving real problems of students, school, community. As the curricula will be an open educational resource, multilingual, the transfer and project sustainability will be ensured by taking the course by students and teachers from the partner schools after the end of funding, but also in secondary schools in the same city / region / country / continent. The potential long-term benefits might bring the improvement of the internationalization strategy of schools, which will have teachers able to offer their students a quality education closer to life and solutions to meet the challenges of daily living and to manage effectively and reflectively their learning, being more independent and self-confident. In addition, the partners will continue to cooperate through the initiation and implementation of at least a. complementary eTwinning project.



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