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E-Lerning skutecznym narzędziem podnoszenia kwalifikacji ratowników Górskiego Ochotniczego Pogotowia Ratunkowego
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project to build e-learning platform as a tool preparing the mountain rescue service for the difficult activities of saving the health and lives of people at risk in the mountains is the multi-threaded and multi-faceted brainchild. The first phase will require the preparation of analyzes on the status and scope of training in all areas of the mountain rescue. Because the platform is very innovative solution on the Polish market, the Polish participants of the project will try to learn as much as possible from the foreign partners who have a similar implementation of the system far behind them. Meetings and consultations will not only allow to gain knowledge about the platform, but also will force the exchange of knowledge and information in the field of rescue services. In subsequent stages the development team will prepare teaching materials which will be then placed on emerging at the same time, the online platform. The materials, the individual chapters, will be prepared basing on the experience, the demand of Regional Rescue Groups of Rescue Service and the ranges of required knowledge. All materials will require consultation and multifaceted assessment of the merits (methodology, scope, requirements, editorial developing and language used in the service of the developed methods, etc). In creating the platform not only computer scientists will take part, but also designers and specialists in the field of editing and data visualization. A set of multimedia presentations for training and classes for lifeguards will be one of the final products. Commitment to project of the best specialists in Mountain Rescue would provide a comprehensive set of training tools on the highest level. These materials will include not only lectures, educational content supported by demonstration videos, graphics and animations or descriptions of procedures, but also tests and control system of acquiring knowledge about rescue by the participants. Putting these materials on readily available tool (the Internet) allows for the rapid, greatly simplified and unified transfer of current knowledge. Update of so prepared rescue lifeguard manual will be an easy and continuous process. A process that will continue long after the project is completed. Gathering so much knowledge in one easily accessible location will be the beginning of a new quality in the training of Rescue Service personnel and construction of a new awareness in the acquisition of knowledge and skills of mountain rescuers in Poland and Europe.



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