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E-Learning Interactive Open School
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Imagine Europe without educational borders. Imagine Europe joining different educational systems but keeping their individuality. Think of different cultures, different philosophies, and different histories joined under a common vision of a prosperous future for all European citizens. Education is the key and of course we have to provide and ensure all conditions leading to this goal. But, what about isolated and inaccessible schools? What about access in educational resources? What about equal opportunities for all students? We know than in many European countries we can easily find many isolated and inaccessible schools. Our main and primary aim is to provide distant learning opportunities. E-learning lessons in real time or recorded (synchronous and asynchronous) will be one of our main cares. We want students all over Europe (we can say internationally) to be able to view and listen lectures and lessons from experts, from professors, from scientists. Additionally, we wish to give students the opportunity to ask questions and discus with experts. Imagine an isolated school connected with an Institute or a publication organization, or a Museum with students exchanging opinions with experts. This will be a unique moment for these students. Furthermore, we want to deeply search the special characteristics of all partners’ educational systems. Actually we organized a consortium of eight schools in order to have a wide group of schools participating in this effort. We believe in the potential of students, teachers and educators that can compose a holistic view of similarities and differences throughout the European borders. We really want to join students, teachers, schools and educational aspects. We believe that technology can be the mean, while teachers can be the leaders and reformers. Thus, we propose a platform that can support all educational efforts, can provide educational material and connect different cultures. We suggest a platform build to answer to the needs of teachers and educators. Based on simplicity and student oriented. Main idea pages referred to special, individual educational subjects that are linked to educational scenarios, materials, projects, experiments. All these pages-ideas can be applied in an interesting way to all different educational systems. We wish to construct a flexible platform capable to adjust itself to the needs of students, teachers and schools. In order to achieve this main goal we want to build gradually the platform, to ask teachers and educators about their opinions, to call them to participate, to enrich and compose educational material. Then we will ask students to test the abilities of the platform, to take part in model lessons, to attend multinational classes in our transnational meetings under the supervision of teachers from many different countries. Imagine such multinational lessons uploaded consequently to our platform being part of mobile learning for students from other countries. Mobile learning is also one of our main ambitions. Transferring knowledge into mobile devices, tablets, smartphones etc. is one of our major goals. We want to spread knowledge everywhere and anytime. We are thinking of flipped classrooms where blended learning which brings interactive engagement pedagogy to classrooms by having students learn content online, usually at home and homework is done in class with teachers and students discussing and solving questions. Teacher interaction with students is more personalized - guidance instead of lecturing. This backwards classroom or inverted classroom based on reverse teaching according to Thayer Method will be strongly empowered by our proposal. We are thinking of a new era in education that comes out from real education needs rising from our classrooms. We are a group of experienced teachers and educators. Every day we are facing the positives and the negatives of our classrooms. We are constantly thinking of better conditions, we are trying to introduce new technologies to our everyday teaching practice, we often feel disappointed, but we are still imagining a better future. This is why we propose this multipurpose platform which will be incubated through transnational cooperation. This is a platform from experienced teachers to our future students and colleagues.



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