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E-GOVTN - Open Government data in Tunisia for service innovation and transparency
Date du début: 15 juil. 2013,

Tunisian’s commitment to open government must be part of the government's efforts to foster greater openness and accountability, to provide Tunisians in collaboration with Europe more opportunities to learn about and participate in government, to drive innovation and economic opportunities for all Tunisians and, at the same time, create a more cost-effective, efficient and responsive government.Open Information: We define this stream of activity to include specific support for Open Information: proactively releasing information on government activities on an ongoing basis, making it more accessible to Tunisians and easier to find. Modernizing the Administration of Access to Information is to improve service quality and ease of access for citizens, and to reduce processing costs for institutions.Virtual Library is to simplify access to a range of government information available to the public; we will begin the design of an online searchable repository of published Government of Tunisian documents of all kinds (e.g. publications, consultant reports, ATI summaries, government research, presentations, white papers, etc.). Open Data: During the recent public consultations on the Digital Economy Strategy and Open Government, Tunisians has to call for open data to be made available in more usable and accessible formats. Building on the successful open data pilot launched in other European countries. We will try to find out how to implement the new generation platform for the delivery of open data. Through this initiative starting an open dialogue is needed.Open Dialogue: we will develop a standard approach to the use of social media by departments to strength their engagement activities with citizens and businesses, as well as pilot a crowd sourcing initiative to involve Tunisians in developing ideas and solutions for greater online dialogue and engagement on public policy initiatives. We will enable the use of common online tools to support engagement activities.



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