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E-Core Managers: Integrating Virtual Management Competencies in Managerial & Business Training

E-Core MANAGERS aims to integrate Virtual Collaboration Management e-competencies learning in current Managerial Business Administration training, at university and master (MBA) levels. The objective will be to improve its quality and innovation by its adecuacy to learn of emergent e-competencies - related to organisational and attitude issues in the efficient use of ICT to manage e-Teams, projects and organisations – that are required to the high and middle directive staff in the labour market of the Information Society.It will be based on the transfer of the results of Virtual Work, a previous Leonardo da Vinci Project (200-2002 PP 115.118), in which a e-learning program for Distance Managers of Virtual Communities and eTeams were developed. Its didactical contents, products and tools will be transferred and adapted to new cultural linguistic contexts, completed to be approximated to Manager’s professional national frameworks, and updated to technological advances on e-learning delivery.Products:-A Report of guidelines to adapt the curricular programs of Managerial and Business Administration training integrating these e-competencies learning.-Didactical modules developed on web multimedia IT that could be integrated on e-learning platforms or used to support face to face training. Will be adapted, updated and available in Spanish, English, Lituan and Polish.-A multilingual e-learning platform supporting modules and simulations of e-collaborative environments to allow practice with individual collective exercises in conditions closer to professional situations.-A Trainer’s Guide-A validates Transference Method that could be used in future exploitation activities.The consortium are formed by six organizations of Spain, Greece , Ireland, Poland and Lithuania. Iturbrok and Idec have participated in Virtual Work, like promoter and partner respectively. With Laboradomo, expert entity on e-learning and telework triaing, will act like origin and support of transfer. Innovate, centre of innovation of the Univ. National of Ireland, the University of Kaunas and the Academy of Humanities and Economics of Lodz will act like receivers of the transference incorporating the resulting contents, materials and didactic tools to their current programs of Managerial and Business Administration training, at university and post graduates levels.The foreseen impact will be:-an innovation of current Managerial Business Administration training to be closer adequated to emergent competencies on e-Collaborative Management in order to ensure better performance and employability of Directives in labour markets.-the improvement of the visibility of these e-competences to be considered by european enterprises and organisations as core of the competitiveness according i2010 European Strategic Framework.



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