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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project project named focuses on second-year students from different specialties of the Intermediate Vocational Training Cycle provided by VET school Colegio Salesiano de la Santísima Trinidad in Seville: Machining, Electrical and Automatic Installations and Vehicle Electro –mechanics. The participants will carry out a one moth traineeship at Vitalis, training company located in German city Leipzig. The practical training will include the design and manufacture of electric vehicle. This kind of engine is increasingly popular in the market because of its eco -friendliness as well as its features, which are becoming very similar to the performance of internal combustion engine. For all these reasons, we consider that this initiative is very attractive for our students, since they will have a unique opportunity to acquire a high degree of specialization related to a very demanding sector that requires personnel with specific competencies. Moreover, the practical training will mostly consist of teamwork. Certainly, this will allow students to share not only professional experiences, but also the personal ones, which will stimulate their personal development. The traineeship in Germany will be recognized as the first part of the Obligatory Training in Work Place. The second part will take place in companies in Spain in order to complete all necessary hours of Obligatory Training in Work Place marked in the training programme for the corresponding cycle. It will be a project for 20 students covering two mobility periods for 10 participants each one. The first mobility will be organized in or 2015-16 academic year and the second one in 2016-17. Each mobility period will last one month, coinciding with the start date of the Obligatory Training in Work Place period. Students will participate in a 25 hours online English course to reinforce project participants’ linguistic preparation before arrival to Germany plus an on-online course. The students will participate in this course, because they will carry out their practical training in English. The goals we want to achieve with this project are: - Higher level of skills, knowledge and employability of students in Intermediate Vocational Training - Improve their language level - Increase their degree of maturity and personal autonomy - Increased opportunities to work in Europe and greater knowledge about other cultures - Vocational training adapted to the real needs of the European labor market - Validation and recognition of training periods in Europe



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