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E.A.S.Y. LAB. - Entrepreneurship And Self-emploYment by real experiences in LABour market
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“E.A.S.Y LAB - Entrepreneurship And Self-emploYment by real experiences in LABour market” aims at promoting the mobility of 60 graduates from specific professional and economic sectors such as wine, food, tourism and hospitality. The participants will be selected according to their motivation, determination, linguistic skills and will have the opportunity to carry out a 4-month internship in the abovementioned fields. These internships will take place in the following countries: France, Spain and United Kingdom. The project aims to reach the following specific objectives: - increasing the general awareness towards the possible opportunities that the wine and food/tourism industry could offer for youth employment and entrepreneurship; - providing young people with the right skills required by the wine and food industry and touristic hospitality through a real working experience abroad; - encouraging their personal and professional development and independence; - developing specific managing abilities through a concrete professional business experience, which is going to contribute to the acquisition of those such as problem solving and decision making skills that will eventually fulfil the gap between the school world and the labour market; - increasing the youngsters’ sense of belonging to the European community through their integration in an international environment; - contributing to the development of the ECVET system (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training) for a better and equal acknowledge of the professional skills acquired abroad. IMPACT: - the participants will benefit from the project by improving their professional and linguistic skills as well as their knowledge regarding the hospitality/tourism/ food and wine industries so as to encourage their integration in the labour market; - project’s Consortium will benefit in terms of a better “internationalization “of Basilicata and the spread of its typical food /wine culture and tourism at a European level so as to increase the exportation of their products; - as regards the local impact, at the end of the mobility, it will be held a further internship phase - paid by local partners - in local companies in order to make sure that the young generations will have concrete and real job opportunities; - from an European point of view, the project will strengthen the international cooperation and it will promote a better consciousness of the Italian wine and food industry, history and tradition. The project represents a great opportunity to reflect on the important role of tourism (in all of its shapes and directions) for the community and its economic development, for better chances of employability and , last but not least, for the promotion of those local and unique features that have always been characterizing the Italian territory.



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