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DWS: Drinking with Sense
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Drinking alcohol can be a great way to socialise, let loose and forget about daily stress. But alcohol and too much partying can also lead to abuse, (self) destruction and alienation. We ask: - How can young people have a progressive and dynamic everyday + live an entertaining social life with/ without alcohol? And how can we learn from different cultures when it comes to socialising and drinking?The objective of this Key Action 1 project is to provide our young participants with a forum for discussing motivations, feelings and reasons regarding social life, family patterns, social norms, mannerisms and traditions, etc. in order to find methods of interaction that is not only determined by whether or not you drink alcohol. We focus normatively on methods of promoting interaction and individual/group mobilization with and without alcohol present in order to prevent social stigmatisation in local and global communities.By gathering 50 young Europeans for a mobility seminar in Denmark, we wish to offer professional and academic lectures and share knowledge that address personal/social issues and seek solutions to a dangerous potential problem. Drinking without sense can affect the rest of your life if you are not careful and aware of the impact it has on yourself and others.The link to the Erasmus+ objectives is obvious, as especially the European countries, with different traditions for social gatherings and variations of local drinks, according to studies, have a high number of people who drink alcohol at a young age and feel they need to drink alcohol in order to fit into social settings. Ultimately this is not a constructive way of thinking or living and we need to be able to socialize and accept each other, whether or not we drink alcohol. With this project we see a great opportunity for the participants to develop more socially productive skills that can help them help themselves and others, if they suspect an unhealthy approach to alcohol. We need to build upon the idea that alcohol is a great but necessary way of socialising. For us communication is key and the single most important tool in the toolbox is listening. We will show films and have guest speakers who have personal and professional experience in dealing with alcohol, social inclusion and addiction, as we have every intention of making the seminar in-formal learning experience with formal training set-up.With the project we seek to find long term, easily transmitted (via academic reports, journalistic reports, social media links etc.) and implemented, free of charge, culturally adaptable/ cultural specific methods and solutions to a global trend of potentially dangerous lifestyle with alcohol addiction. Evenly importantly, we see a great opportunity for the participants to develop more socially productive skills that can help them perform better academically along with fellow students, be more active in socially profitable initiatives and build intercultural (social/ business) relations.



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