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Dünya Gençleri Antalya’da Oryantiring ile Buluşuyor
Date du début: 4 mai 2015, Date de fin: 3 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Sports, physical activities and games actually present an enjoyable learning opportunity to overcome daily obstacles we experience. Sport teaches working by specifying long-term objectives such as victory, defeat, being fair, being a member of a team, cooperation, leadership, discipline. Introducing orienteering (sport) to youth comes into prominence in that project with the aims of encouraging the young people who have a low socio-economic status and have to struggle with the challenges of life to interest in sports; preventing those from bad habits and environments; and improving the sporting and environmental awareness. Furthermore, young people from different cultures and countries will have an opportunity to come together and fuse their cultures through that project. Enhanced intercultural awareness will be raised by making young people to explore their social and cultural values in the scope of the project. The sport activities will enhance athletes experince and they will improve their experince with orienteering in Antalya. The youth involved in community and they are not pushed out the society and social life in this way they will have a significant value in the society. The aim of the project encouraging the youth to make sport, give education for orienteering sport and obtain to remove their bad habits and the environment the age of youth 15-29 years old the socio-economic level is low and they do not have abroad experince at the same time the foreign partners from European will observe the work will be done. In addition, during the mobility of the small trip we will show how we spend our social time with sport activities will be transfered to our partners. Participants of our project: Young people, whose ages in between 15-29, whose socio-economic status is low, will be preferred through the participants for orienteering application. At the end of the project, young participants will be trained in orienteering and the ones wish to specialize in that area will be presented opportunities. They will be prevented from bad habits by being encouraged to interest in sports. A common point will be provided for youths from different languages and religions. During the mobility we will observed the sport activities and this sport activities will guide for the new participants. A different point of view in terms of personal development will be gained to the youths. This project will raise of awarness of Orientreeing sport to share their experince with other participants will expand and transfer of sport.



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