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'Dün öğrettiğimiz gibi bugün öğretiyorsak, çocuklarımızın yarınlarını çalıyoruz demektir'; Yetkinlik için Hareketlilik,
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of our project prepared by the coordination of Aksaray Provincial National Education Directorate is to improve the quality of English language teaching through all types of schools in Aksaray. It is known that in our country English language teaching has never been at the desired level and success. As for the causes of this failure, we determine different elements. As a result of a research and analyses of our R&D team, it has been identified that there are concerns in some aspects such as teaching skills and methods of English teachers in our city, using new methods and approaches in language teaching. Also the surveys and researches show that our English teachers have deficiencies in language teaching methods and approach due to the fact that they haven't provided with the adequate and desired level of in-service training. Turkish Ministry of Education has given a right to class teachers to change their branches as an ELT teacher. AS a result, those who have been class teachers for over long years became ELT teachers and their incompetence caused another reason for this failure. Moreover, the people who graduated from different branches of universities enhancing an advanced level of English teaching such as physics, chemistry and etc. have become ELT teachers. This is another reason of determined failure. Finally, we observe that many English teachers even they graduate from The Faculty of English Language Teaching have some deficiencies in using new methods and ICT skills and they are lack of quality and efficiency in their classes which is another effect of inefficient language teaching. Within this project we aim to improve the enthusiasm of learners and quality of English teaching. Through the courses and training in Turkey and in foreign countries, we believe that all ELT teachers in our city will be able to improve their proficiency skills as well. This project will also have contributions for teachers in that it will give an opportunity of improving their proficiency in using new methods and approaches, classroom management, teaching-learning theories, and skills of increasing attention. It will enable to remove the prejudices and encourage the learners improving their language acquisition. Teachers will gain self-confidence as well. Within the scope of these training and courses teachers will be able to use the four language skills ( reading, writing, listening and speaking) efficiently in their classes and have the chance to improve their ICT skills. They will be able to enhance the pupils' motivation in terms of English language acquisition. In this project, 26 ELT teachers will be involved. Seven of them graduated from other departments of universities, six of them have become ELT teachers by changing their branches, and seven of them have been English teachers for 16-22 years. Also six ELT teachers who has been working for 8-15 years, are eager to take part in projects, have training experience and competence of office software and web tools, who have advanced level of speaking abilities and high points of proficiency evaluation will be involved as formatters in the project. The Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Team will start the introduction and preparation activities just after the project's admission. The participants will review the needed studies. By cooperating with the course providers, it will be discussed about the contents of the course, accommodation, transportation and catering. The participants will be provided with the self-centered activities and dealing with English language through all travels. The participants will evaluate the course daily and take some notes. Some socio-cultural activities will be organized to enhance their motivation during the course. There will be involved some courses such as methodology, classroom management, drama and ICT skills with this course. As an output of our project, a booklet on new approaches in English teaching will be prepared and all ELT teachers in our city will be informed about the project results. Seminars and courses will be organized in our city. Teachers will gain some short-term benefits; learners will gain long-term benefits from the project. Thus, the quality of English language teaching in our city will be improved and learners will be able to acquire the target language in a more practical and beneficial way.