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Dual Training Mobility
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project Dual Training Mobility is to continue the development and the transfer of the model of Dual education that is common in Germany, to the Greek context and system of Vocational Training. At the same time we aim in continuing the operation of the existing schools, plus giving the opportunity of visiting and getting in touch with the German and the English environment to more students and teachers. The development of new pilot schools apart from tourism professions that will allow young people, and especially those coming from vulnerable social groups, to be able to visit and work abroad is another aim of this project. The participants of this project, (30 individuals) are students from the EPAS OAED schools, aged between 20-23 years, from Athens and Herakleion - Creta, and they study to become: Chefs, hotel employees, restaurant employees. The participants mostly are affected by the economic crisis, they are individuals from social vulnerable groups and this project is their only chance to travel abroad, and also to work abroad. Τherefore this project will give them the chance to build in their self esteem, to test their knowledge, to value this experience as an asset for their later professional life. Another important aim of the project is to use the vocational training as a mean to study new languages energetically and use the terminology of each profession actively, through active learning. The trainees will get the experience to live in a new European dimension in the everyday practice of their profession, upgrade their language skills and at the same time meet the socio-cultural environment that they may actually experience in the future as part of their professional life. The trainers that will also participate (17 individuals) through peer-training will also have the opportunity to exchange experiences on dual education, the management of training and the usage of specific tools and methods (digital and non digital), that lead to deep learning, and the better understanding of the connection of professional guidance to the markets and the hotels. Therefore, it is of great importance to underline and highly evaluate the social, linguistic, and cultural diversity of the international market. Also at both national and European level mobility projects, living and working in a country with different cultural backgrounds foster European identity and consciousness at a time when the European identity is in question and practices promoting the polarization of the European population are vigorously promoted.



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