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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project "From 2016 white country flat country" aims to send 21 young terminally Bac Pro Services To The People and For the Territories in Belgium. These young people will have 17-21 years at the time of departure, they need to be awake on European Union and their European citizenship, to discover a Member State and its culture and to compare their professional practices. This project should also be encouraged to be mobile, be aware of their skills and breaking down prejudices they may have about Belgium. For 3 years, we registered in a professional open approach in Belgium to help meet the needs of students and service structures to those of our territory. Thanks to the strong partnership with our Belgian partners: Bellevue High School and training structures, we offer students complete 4 weeks of internship in different institutions located in Dinant and Brussels. The different stages of the project: contacts with partners, information and preparation of participants, organizing the trip and evaluation and dissemination are managed in a team with the help of external stakeholders and our Belgian counterparts. Six goals were defined for participants and three for high school and his team. Among them: "develop technical expertise from users", "Gaining autonomy within another territory in Europe and adapt", "Take a step back and develop critical thinking" or " Develop an enhanced formation where the opening and European mobility an integral part of the training " At the end of the project, we will take an assessment of impacts, they achieved our goals? They want students to continue their education? Is their career valued? Are they more open and aware of their European citizenship? This project will allow us to achieve a third experience in Belgium. Our students will discover new work practices, Belgian culture and will come back more independent and confident. For the institution, this project will strengthen existing partnerships in Belgium and make visible the opening process and the actions taken by the school. Teachers deepen their knowledge of the needs of professionals for the long term, the activities carried out make our attractive young people into the labor market and enable our institution to participate in other projects in Europe.


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