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Drop Your Gender Mask
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Training course "Drop Your Gender Mask" was carried out from 03th of November till 10th of November in small town of Georgia, Misaktieli; The project gathered 28 youth (24 participants, two trainers, two support stuff) workers from different countries such as: Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russian Federation; The project aimed to empower different organizations with innovative non formal methods to work on and promote gender equality topic. Training course will focused on gender equality, the ways how we can make equal world, how to involve men and women to fight against discrimination and help them create more equal world for both, with equal opportunities; The project offered various methods to youth workers, in order to empower them and equip with useful tools to promote and make gender equality topic more visible: The project had the following objectives: • Improve the knowledge about gender, gender roles, make participants reflect upon their approach to gender; • Identifying gender equality as not only women’s issues, but as an idea of equal opportunities for both, men and women; • Share and develop new methods and projects, different organizations can use to work and promote gender equality topic; • Introduction of already existing strategies for gender equality; • Promoting gender equality in youth work; • Introducing non-formal methods, as a suitable way to deliver messages to young people; • Introduction of Erasmus + project, as an additional opportunity for both, men and women to develop their skills, knowledge and on the other hand make the life better; The project impact reached 24 youth workers, 8 different organizations and through them different schools, youth centres, different formal or non formal institutions;



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