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Date du début: 1 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The school will implement the project to fulfill its primary purpose as an educational institution: achieving the best students’ learning and education outcomes. Addressing this need will be tantamount with fulfillment of students’ personal needs: gaining professional knowledge and experience and foreign language skills as also personal qualities that will enable finding a job corresponding to their aspirations and needs.The main objective of the project is to prepare participants for a successful start on the labor market. This goal will consist of specific objectives:to enable participants increasing their professional and language qualifications and personal competences;to develop the international dimension of practical education.The objectives are consistent with the objectives of Erasmus + Program:- Raising the level of key competencies and skills in terms of their suitability for the labour market by educational mobility and cooperation between the worlds of education and work;- Improving the quality, innovation and internationalization of educational institutions;- Modernization of education systems through the exchange of good practices and results, and the use of european tools to facilitate the recognition and transfer of qualifications;- Developing the international dimension of education and training;- Teaching and learning of languages, linguistic diversity, intercultural awareness.The participants will be students from Secondary technical School, from grades learning professions: farmer technician, food technologist and landscape architecture technician - total of 64 people. They will depart on a 3-week long internships in Italy and Portugal. The project will last two years: in the school year 2016/17 on traineeships will leave: one group to Italy and one to Portugal (each group will consist of 16 trainees and 2 carers). Similar groups will leave for internships in year 2017/18. After returning, participants will submit internship reports, participate in dissemination activities and complete participation in the project.The project will bring the following results:- Higher professional and language qualifications increasing participants’ chances on the labor market;- Acquisition of the ability to work in multinational team;- Acquisition of new skills of using machinery, equipment and new communication skills;- Increasing self-esteem, sense of duty and discipline;- Increasing professional and personal aspirations;- Increasing motivation for further education;- Learning about culture and customs of the host country;- Increasing tolerance for different customs and behaviors;- Developing networking skills;- Undergoing by the participants cultural and pedagogical preparation.- Undergoing by the participants language preparation course;- Completing professional practice required by the school;- Receiving by the participants certificate of language course completion and certificate of cultural and pedagogical preparation completion;- Receipt by the participants internship certificates and Europass Mobility documents.The material effects of the project are:- Presentation outlining the project;- Collection of photos taken by participants during placement;- Evaluation materials for future use.Continuous contact between participants and people from another country, who speak in a different languages and have different customs, will be for the students a great lesson of tolerance and understanding of other European citizens diversity.The school as an institution will gain experience in international cooperation, increase its prestige and popularity, improve recruitment. The project partners will broaden their qualifications, useful in international business. School and partners represenatives will get to know people raised in different culture, which will contribute to an increase in their sensitivity to issues of intercultural dialogue and diversity of customs and behaviors in other European countries.


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