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Drama ve Sınıf Dışı Eğitimi ile Yeni Ufuklara
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context of the project is drama and outdoor learning methods. Our goal is to gain a new perspective for our teachers through the use of drama and outdoor learning methods in education and training. We aim to reach with more constructive ways to energetic, attention deficit and hyperactive students who adversely affect the functioning of the lesson. We also aim to improve the quality of the education. In order to carry this out, 35 teachers will participate in a 5 day course of activities which have been tried and tested by our colleagues in European countries. Our participants will be class teachers, English teachers, counsellors, together with the principal and assistant principal . They will not take part in the outdoor education training. Some of them will take part in drama training. The methodology used in all courses will generally be: Hands On learning, collaborative work, various activities, discussions, some theory and practical training exercises. Our teachers will develop lesson plans and specific material on the above topics, which will be used in their lessons in the short and long term. They will also be able to strengthen European dimensions in teaching and learning. They will achieve this through collaborative working and by creating personal contacts and relationships with the teachers and staff members of schools and organizations in other European countries . Post course, a survey will be applied to the teachers to determine their level of satisfaction with, and the effectiveness of, the 5 day course. We will implement the experiences gained during the course by launching a project to adapt the school curriculum for a period of one year - after which, an assessment will be made. A Commission will be created and a guide booklet, containing sample applications, will be prepared. The applications will be rolled-out into the other schools.