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Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is designed to host 4 volunteers, preferably two men and two women for 12 months. Volunteers will rotate in two places of activities with balanced shifts that allow everyone to do both tasks with everyone. 1) Farm social (Viterbo). Volunteers will work with people with mental illness or who are following recovery paths (usually young adults or adults). They will partecipate in the normal activities of a farm: planting and harvest vegetables, animal care, tworking in the store or helping in the preparation of baskets joint purchasing, manual labor, maintenance of the greenhouse. The main task of our volunteers in the future will be to assist Alice social worker in helping, supporting and supervising the activities of persons suffering from mental illness. 2) The daily center of Montefiascone is designed to accommodate people with mental disabilities and Down syndrome. In the center volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in many types of activities: art workshops, painting, drawing and recycling laboratories, cooking, doing sports. In the daily center volunteer can also propose their activities or workshops, using capabilities and skills and putting them in favor of disabled. The methodology used in Alice is participatory, peer-oriented and social welfare. Focus is to produce social integration and human development by building a strong social network, rooted, competent and visible, oriented to the cultural and economic development of the territory, with a social and environmental quality of products and services. The aim is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, fostering integration and social inclusion practicing a system of welfare development. In carrying out this, it has a primary importance to build a shared and parteciped career paths, encouraging professional growth and paying attention on education and training of members, workers and volunteers. Alice goal is to pursue the well-being and social integration of citizens through offering services and activities of production and work, providing employment for disadvantaged people. The presence of volunteers is welcomed and seeked because it can open the NGO at a European and international dimension. The presence of volunteers creates curiosity, knowledge, open-mindedness, a climate of intercultural and great dynamism which both can benefit, disabled people as well as operators. The long-term benefits are a better predisposition of people with disabilities to new cultures and, for some of them, the understanding of what the European Union means, as well as the acceptance and inclusion of people with different cultures, traditions and language. Also the organization can receive a lot from the presence of European volunteers: for the operators is a matter of great growth, curiosity and change with a huge impact, especially considering that the volunteers, after a year in Alice, become an integral part of the organization and leave a strong imprint of their presence.



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