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Don’t stop me now! – Addressing the Inclusion of Differently Abled People
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Don't stop me now" aims to provide and EVS experience for a French volunteer in Bulgaria for 10 months. We would like to carry out this project in order to give a young disabled person access to an interntional mobility programme. This project will boost intercultural dialogue, it will provide a quality framework for the participant to develop several activities and exchange with other volunteers coming from different countries. Therefore, the project’s main objective is to engage one volunter with fewer opportunities in a social project in order to improve his professional and personal skills. We have also identified two sub-goals:- To raise awareness and understanding among volunteers and their peers about social inclusion and promote active participation of disabled people in society: challenging the ideas and stereotypes through the organization and participation of cultural and educative activities;- To empower young people to play an active role in society and allow him to become and actor of inclusion; to encourage his creativity; to promote social responsibility through non formal education tools and methods.The activities will be carried out in the association FOCUS- European Centre for Development, in the city of Pazardjik, Bulgaria. The Volunteer will promote the inclusion of disabled people from the local community. Besides the volunteer will help them out in their daily routines and he will organize different events and activities. The volunteer will develop several tasks set by the local association according to needs of the people with disabilities and taking into account his own limits. The local association will be flexible to adapt to the skills, abilities and interests of the participants. S.O and H.O will use non-formal tools all along the project as the main working methodology. Nevertheless, for the project management and evaluation the Hosting and Sending organizations will also use formal tools and methodology, especially the ones provided by the European Union. Sending and Hosting organizations will support participant's creativity. The expected results for the Volunteer will be:- To improve autonomy and empowerment of the future volunteer.- To boost employability of the participant (at the personal, professional and social levels).- To contribute to the inclusion of disabled people in Bulgaria and France through the organization of several cultural and educative activities.- To create new intercultual links between and within the participant countries.The expected results for both Sending and Hosting organizations will be:• To Gain experience in mentoring disabled young people.• To improve the quality of the EVS projects.• To have recognition of the benefits of inclusion by personal projects abroad.• To improve support of the staff (new ideas, etc.)• To promote the Erasmus+ Programme.• To have intercultural learning.The potential long term benefits for the volunteer will be to increase intercultural awareness, active citizenship and European identity, booster employability, personal empowerment and gain language skills.



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