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Don’t play with my future
Date du début: 20 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 19 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Content of the Project;Changing a living being’s gene sequence or making it have a totally new character that is different from its nature we can create new living organisms named Genetically Modified Organism, in short GMO.Nowadays, although scientists try to find out GMO’s advantages we just see its disadvantages. There appeared a lot of side effects that threaten human health. As a result of this, youngsters have terrible and permanent effects during their lives.With some questionnaires we observed that; people are unaware of this danger and farmers prefer GMO to produce cheaper and earn much more money. Unless we take precautions human health will be under risk. We-as Project team- are aiming to raise consciousness especially amoung our youngsters to prevent coming vital risks. Our group members have worked in public health programs and some activities with the same target so it increase our motivation with writing this project.Objectives of our Project;1) To make the youngsters aware the damage that GMO products cause, 2) To teach the youngsters the way to seperate products with and without GMO,3) To raise awareness among youngsters and local people against the GMO products, 4) To draw participants attention with some applications during field visiting,5) To produce solutions for GMO product consumption,6) To raise the collaboration among youngsters and youth foundations for fighting with GMO product consumption,7) To disseminate the successful examples about consumption of GMO products,8) To find out new Project ideas about fighting with GMO.Number of participants and their profile;There are 3 countries and 45 participants in our Project. Participants should be between 15-25. There is no age restriction for group leaders. Most of our participants are concerned with social problems locally and take part in come activities. There should be at least 2 disadvantageous young from each country. Also, we will give priority to a young who hasn’t got a chance to participate in a European projects before.Methodologies used in the Project and Basic activities;Methodologies used; orientation activities, ice breakers, games, brain storming, presentation, learning by experience, discussion, group work, searching, question-answer activity, indivudual evaluation, explanation, performance, field work, preparing questionnaire, drama, planning studiesActivities; orientation, welcome party and general informing, city tour, ‘expectation and fears’ activity, Erasmus+ presentation, cultural nights, presentation of the consumption of GMO products in the World, Europe and turkey, NGO fair, Project writing and evaluation, planning future and reporting, indivudual and group evaluation, general questionnaire, taking Youthpass, seperating organic and GMO products studies, designing brochures and posters, field work( bazaar, greenhouse), preparing tunnel, setting a stand.Short explanation of effects and the results of the Project;Youngsters who are unaware of the GMO danger will be more careful and they will warn other people not to use GMO products. With outdoor activities local people will be informed and conscious about GMO’s damage. They will find out solutions for GMO that become a globally vital issue. Successful examples will be spread to make people more conscious in each country. Also, there will be a cultural coalescence with some cultural activities and group studies. They will get rid of their prejudice and it will be for the benefit of becoming a unique European community.Participants will be informed about youth programs with the presentations of Erasmus+ and youth projects. Awareness of local people will raise and they will be more careful about the consumption of GMO product after the activities that will use posters, brochures, promotion materials, local press, facebook and web sites.Probable benefits in short and long term;Foundations will have good relationship so they will do some new project together in the future. Project drafts that prepared during the training weeks will be ready for the following application term.



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