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Doing Together-VET-students, apprentices and staff members enhancing entrepreneurship and multi-professionalism in Europe
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Who?Doing Together –Erasmus+ -KA1 -project is aimed at Turku Vocational Institute’s 18–25 year-old students of various fields. The students are mainly third year students. Turku goes Europe–Erasmus+ -KA1 -project is aimed also at apprenices of various fileds. Also staff members are projects target group: expecially the project is indirectly aimed also at teachers who instruct and support students during their international on-the-job training period or school period.-145 students and apprentices during project period- 30 staff members (25 teachers, 5 other staff memebers: study counselers, head of units stc)Why?The project will make an international impact in following ways:1. Strengthening the employability of the participating students2. Strengthening students’ language and cross-cultural communication skills3. Strengthening the ability to tolerate pressure and adapting to changing environments when abroad, which is a skill needed in all fields and is expected as a basic working skill from people in today’s world4. Widening the participating teacher’s or other staff member’s knowledge on European educational systems as well as multi-professional co-operation in different schools5. Strengthening staff’s language and cross-cultural communication skills, as well as the skills to instruct students, based on one’s personal experiences abroad6. Stimulating new ideas via staff mobility: by comparing and contrasting different educational systems and methods, one notices the fields of improvement in e.g. one’s own teaching and professional field in general. The project enables development in the whole organisation and the received experiences benefit the upcoming projects and development work.7. Be able to take advantage of previous pedagogical projects and the disseminate information to partner organizations. And also strengthen multi-professional and entrepreneurship skills for both students and teachers. 8. Establishing the international study path and especially the optional course of international studies via long training periods abroad9. Developing an evaluation questionnaire, in order to further develop international studies and thus better meet the needs of students and working lifeWhere and when?The length of student exchanges is usually between 30-60 days, and staff exchanges one week. We aim at carrying out the staff exchanges simultaneously with the student exchanges, so that the students will receive support and guidance also from their home country when doing their international exchange. The exchanges will take place between autumn 2016 and spring 2018. The length and timing depend on each field (and also each individual student), curriculum and schedule. The exchange period abroad will be fully taken into consideration in the student’s degree. This is possible thanks to the international study path. The teachers and other staff members will receive a report of participation. The target countries and the schools, as well as other partners in them, have been chosen so that they support the strategic alignment of Turku Vocational Institute. The partners act responsibly and they have understanding about the Finnish educational system. They are also interested in developing the possibilities for exchanges in co-operation with Turku Vocational Institute. The target countries have been selected from different parts of the European Union.Results 1) establish the course of international studies as part of international study path in as many fields as possible.2) create a Webropol-based questionnaire, which will provide us with information that helps us to further develop our international dimension.3) connect pedagogical projects of Turku Vocational Institute to international exchanges and thus create synergy.4) support multi professionalism and entrepreneurship, which are considered to be key elements in today’s working life, for students as well as staff members



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