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Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project consists of two main activities . 1 The main activities of our school studying in the Department of Welding Metal Technology Area 11 mobility of students , Natural gas ,when large diameter metal pipes used in international transport , in the residential areas to the residence or workplace with plastic pipes , metal pipes in the home with the small-scale transport is made. The metal pipe used in such vital issues as metal information resources , as well as the source of natural gas transported in the display during the reaction which must be known by the welder . In the distribution of natural gas pipeline construction sites and that there is an urgent need for qualified personnel to operate the industry's needs in the analysis are indicated. While Vocational and Technical Education in training our institutions welder , whether in school for the natural gas sector , as well as the opportunity to receive training in business skills is not available. Our organization understands the importance of natural gas in the transport sector , and therefore steel line pipes used in gas welding and nondestructive inspection method in the sector, aims to provide a qualified work force . In line with these objectives, the learning of advanced welding technology and inspection methods ,following innovative applications , in the sector to meet the growing need for skilled labor will be provided. Projects in our industry , our students need training in the area of Europe , taking the examination in advanced welding technology and with European experience , culture and technology , we aim to raise ambassadors . Number of participants: 14 Occupation Education for Learners Exhibitor's Profile: Metal Technology Welding branch site are 11th grade students . In our project , vocational training mobility of learners in educational matters Gas Pipe Welding and Welding Inspection Methods '' is avaliable. Internship training topics : 1 - Oxy- gas welding and welding of pipes for natural gas 2 - At different angles of pipes and electric arc welding, oxy- gas 3- arc welding of pipes merge with 4- Gas Metal Arc (MIG- MAG, TIG ) welding with arc and angle joints of pipes taken 5 - Construction of the resources non- destructive testing methods A- Visual Inspection with B- Penetrant Testing Magnetic Particle Inspection C-Inspections with magnetic particles D- Inspections of Ultra sounds E- Radiographic Testing Ultrasonic Testing F- . Eddy Current Inspection Methodology to be used : Training will take place in the form of 80 hours in14 days . Results and Impacts: - The students in the 11 th grade will have completed their internship in Europe by yhe way that they had to participate for the training programme for 80 hours. - In basic vocational education of our students the opportunity to practice and provide more wanted personells. -Production to produce graduates capable of . - Projects that keep pace with evolving technology , effective decision-making , which is aware of its responsibilities , which constantly renews itself quality , to create productive individuals and their " employment and enterprising spirit is to provide. - By Mutual exchange information , to compare the EU country with the educational system and the educational quality of our education system and seeking solutional ways to improve the educational quality . - To provide a better education for our students by renewing our knowledge of education are to provide a structure to date . 2 Main activities ; Education Staff mobility . Occasion : Our institution providing vocational training educators by increasing our knowledge and technology hardware , computer aided drafting , computer could not handle in solid modeling CAD - CAM of course want to ensure machinability . In these courses, preparing annual plans , the training of our staff CadCam module could not be identified due to lack of information . Our organization of vocational training staff , because the average age is low. By taking CadCam training abroad for many years, we aim to grow up our young people to be a good designer . Number of participants: 12 Exhibitor Profile: Metals Technology, Machinery Technologies, Furniture and Interior Design Vocational Education in the Field Personnel. Methodology to be used : Courses will take place in the form of 14 days and 80 hours . Topics of Study : 1 - Technical Image Information . 2 - Cad program and design ( Autocad, Solidworks ) 3 - CNC programming 30 hours 4- Glass program of the removal of CNC code 5 - CNC Machine Operator 6 - Machining in CNC Machine Results and Impacts: 1 - Participants in the partner institutions overseas receivables CAD - CAM courses in the area they studied computer solid modeling in computer-aided drafting course will have the eficient qualifications . 2 - Professional foreign language experience will increase. 3 - EU citizenship opportunity can be gotten .



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