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Dobrovoľníci vo víre svetového Slovenska
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

For several years, the international organization Education@Internet (E@I) has been passing its experience to volunteers from near or distant parts of the world and preparing them for all aspects of their future work life. In the project “Volunteers in the whirlwind of global Slovakia” we join the best with the most interesting we have worked on in our organization for 10 years - from transnational e-learning projects financially supported by the European Commission through the 101st World Congress of Esperanto 2016 in Nitra, Slovakia up to local work for getting inhabitants acquainted with volunteers. The employees of E@I cooperate with each volunteer in an interactive way. As they learn from us, the same way we learn from them, i.e. we guide and teach young people who have a potential and want to develop it. With every new project within the European Voluntary Service, we improve our own methods, so new volunteers take full advantage of it. We perceive the year 2016 as an extraordinary opportunity for young people regardless of their origin, country and experience to become a part of the big projects of E@I with real coverage of hundred of thousands of people all around the world. Four volunteers from Georgia, Russia and France will actively work on three main themes: 1) Language education on the Internet; 2) Slovakia in the context of interlinking the world through languages; 3) language education of foreigners in Slovakia. Each of these topics is specific. In the first topic volunteers will gain skills in translation softwares commonly used in the organization, they will use their language skills to translate the language-related websites (European projects of E@I), learn to test and disseminate web portals. In the second topic they will have a unique opportunity to join the organization team of the world-wide event, the 101st World Congress of Esperanto 2016 in Nitra, Slovakia, that is under the patronage of the President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska. Young people may get such a chance only once in their life. We want to give a chance to young foreigners to be involved and receive as much knowledge and experience as possible. The third topic is about a lot of other activities proved to be good by previous volunteers. They serve the purpose of integrating foreigners into the Slovak society. Volunteers will join local events, create presentations about their countries and present them to Slovak students or each month they will attend the language café in Partizánske, Slovakia. The project “Volunteers in the whirlwind of global Slovakia” supports lifelong learning among young people. A short lecture on Erasmus+ is included in the introduction, so we can increase awareness about the EU activities in the field of the youth among the participants, thereby motivating them to join this program. The form of lifelong learning was used mainly on the ground of its proved effectivity, because according to the OECD definition, formal education interlinks with informal. We would like to use it in another project supported within the program of the EU. Thanks to its activities the project will take a share in the fight against racism, chauvinism and xenophobia. Its method will be a practical cooperation and communication between people from all over the world. As the project is set in a world-wide event (the 101st World Congress of Esperanto), its importance will be world-wide as well. Volunteers will be co-organizing the very first such event in Slovakia, which will contribute to mutual understanding between nations on the linguistic, cultural and political level. This event will affect Slovakia, as well as the region and city of Nitra (with about 2000 participants), tourism and development of international relations. Their work on European projects of E@I will affect the international Internet audience and their local activities will influence the town of Partizánske.



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