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Доброволческа вълна
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems we have to tackle in today's society. Employers require skills and competencies that can not always be gained by the youth during the period of their formal education. In Association FOR YOU we believe that through participation in mobility programs abroad and non-formal education, young people can receive an irreplaceable opportunity to gain experience , knowledge and skills to support them in their future career . Therefore with this project we aim to support the acquisition of skills and competencies by the youth in terms of their personal development and adaptability for employment at the European labor market, and help them develop their communication skills in a foreign language . The planned activities will raise the awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries of the participants and encourage them to participate actively in public life, and to develop a sense of European citizenship and identity. This project will reinforce synergies and transitions between formal, non-formal education, employment and entrepreneurship. Through the project will be increased the international dimension of the partner organizations so that they are able to offer activities and programs that better meet the needs of people in and outside Europe. The project " Voluntary wave" is an exchange between organizations from Italy, France, Spain, Latvia,Lithuania, Poland and Bulgaria . The project includes 13 foreign youngsters who will take part in a long-term voluntary service in Varna, Bulgaria . All of them are graduates or are at the end of their formal education and wish to gain more experience in the field of their professional interests and to acquire and improve their skills and competencies. The young volunteers will take part in leisure activities of people in disadvantaged situation and risk, educational activities , activities to promote youth mobility, particularly mobility under the Erasmus + as well as counseling young people for inclusion in such, organizing cultural events and promotion of the organization. The main topics of the project are art and culture, youth work and inclusion - equality. The main working methods are work in team, peer education, participation in non-formal trainings, learning by doing. Through this project, the volunteers will gain new knowledge and skills and will increase their personal and professional development. We will develop their sense of anti-discrimination, tolerance and understanding of others, we will encourage them to think about European society and its values, their role as responsible and active citizens of the present and future of Europe. The people with whom the volunteers will work will improve their skills to interact with people from different backgrounds, learn about life and culture in other European countries, improve their skills for communication in foreign languages, learn how the youth abroad have fun and learn, become more tolerant and overcome prejudices towards other cultures. Thanks to Voluntary wave we will increase the number of volunteers in Varna and promote voluntaryism in the city. People and organizations at least on a local level will be introduced to the possibilities of international youth work and the role of Erasmus + in it, which in the long term will open up new prospects for cooperation and initiatives in the area and attract new participants in the program. The project will contribute to the development of tolerance and understanding of differences and positive awareness of other cultures of the society in general and will encourage the local youth ( and not only) to think about their role in Europe today and tomorrow, and will promote the principles of European politics. Furthermore the project will stimulate the incorporation of new ideas and proposals in the previous work of the partner organizations and the youth work as a whole. Partners at local, national and international level, and the local community will understand how the youth can and joins initiatives with social value, how the active participation of young people and their active citizenship assist in solving the problems of the youth, will learn about the positive effect of volunteering. Thus new opportunities for cooperation between organizations from EU and beyond will be created and the common European goals and objectives in the social field will be spread . The partnership between receiving, coordinating and sending organization will be established and strengthened , which in the long run will affect the number and quality of their future youth projects and will contribute to their capacity when working with youth .



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