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Доброволческа програма Изграждане на общност
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Community building volunteer program"is its context a project in public benefit, aimed at building upon and developing the knowledge and skills of the local community for building a better way of live. The project aims to support the goals of the town of Shipka, namely: transformation of the town into a modern tourist, cultural and historical town, Improvement of the living conditions and attraction of young people. With a clear understanding that the overall level and quality of life depends upon the subjective well being of every individual, we have created the plan for the upcoming activities to resonate with the actual problems of the local community - lack of human resources for: cultural and educational activities, work with children and youth, maintenance of demonstational ecological gardens and development of abandoned green areas into new gardens, low waste management culture, lack of well organized online information for the cultural, historical and touristic potential of the town and region, as a means to increase the tourist flow and respectively the work opportunities of the local population, lack of information and ecological education for the significance of the forest and biodiversity. For overcoming these problems we have 2 target groups: - target group 1 children and youth (4-18), in their role of future citizens, and persons that are to develop and add for the global good. Together with them are their parents (18+), who take care for the (conscious or unconscious) for the acquired knowledge of their children to remain permanent and developing. The needed knowledge and skills methods in this case are in the areas of positive communication/non- violent communication, emotional competency and intelligence (including empathy as a skill to experience a compassion for the other and leading to building tolerance), proactivity, creativity and play in the educational methods, analytical methods and associations; civil education Methods to use : learning by doing, method of feedback and positive communication, play and joy. - target group 2 older citizens above 50 (a large part of the local population)Methods: organization of cultural events, information campaigns, civil education and life long learning. Number and profile of the participants: Over the period of 11 months OPEN MIND will host 2 (2) EVS volunteers at a time in 2 stages - Stage 1 (01.08.2016г до 15.10.2016г) these will be 2 volunteers from Latvia and Slovenia, - Stage 2 - (15.02.2017 до 15.11.2017г) . two (2) volunteers from Hungary and France The local team that will take part in the project will be 6 main participants and additional local volunteers. On the basis of the principles, described above and using the methods already mentioned and using different forms of art (classical and contemporary, alongside with their educational power) we would contribute for the building a space, a community where the natural development of each individual is occurring with lightness, has a long-term effect and a health connection with the other, coupled with opening the individual potential in every individual in the community. In this way each one of the participants through keeping a healthy connection with herself/himself will help consciously to the common good. The participants will achieve new knowledge, skills and competences, self-sufficiency, multicultural understanding and appurtenance to the European community. Some of the direct results of the project will be an internet site for touristic information for the town of Shipka and around, organized exhibitions, improved organization in the library and in the cultural center, support for activities of the Cultural center (museum and gallery to improve financials (organization of souvenir mini shop, etc.) , improved appearance and functionality of the town green areas and waste management. The benefit for all partners are support to achieving the individual goals of the partners - creation of more aware society and communitues as alternative of the current consumer society, improving the living conditions in small towns and villages, support in the protection of the biodiversity and better information on different alternatives for production of ecological food as well as support to the young people in their professional and personal realization.



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