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Dobre doświadczenia zdobyte na europejskim rynku pracy krokiem do sukcesu zawodowego
Date du début: 1 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is aimed at first and second form high school 40 students being part of Zespół Szkół Nr 3 w Chmielniku, educating in professions of building technician, nutrition and food services technician as well as hotelier technician. This group of people was chosen to this project as these students will gain some basic knowledge necessary to participate in the apprenticeships.Bearing in mind realization of the mission of the school which is, first of all, teaching them the profession they have chosen, gaining necessary skills, knowledge and qualifications to perform it as well as to prepare them for adulthood and gaining professional work – the apprenticeships play the key role. During the apprenticeships students will gain some experience in their professional work, they will practice skills obtained in education process, they will get to know the specific of work in real conditions and they will improve teamwork. Choosing the partner from Italy of the Sistema Turismo company we want to show our students the standards of the Italian market. The main purpose of Zespół Szkół Nr 3 in Chmielnik is to enable the students to prepare better for conditions of the European labour market. Participants will have the opportunity to see the organization and working techniques of hotels, catering establishments, construction companies as well as to develop their skills and professional and language competence, get the Europass Mobility to explore tourist attractions, culture and history of Italy.Students of technical hotelier school will gain practical skills connected with dealing with international clients, they will get to know logistics and organization of the hotel services basing on Italian hotels. They will get to know different techniques of the service of hotel guests in terms of accommodation services.Students of technical nutrition and food services school will gain practical skills connected with preparing dishes and beverages. Students will get to know Italian standards of customer service as well as staff duties.Students of technical building school will get to know technical equipment of workstation to carry out works (devices, tools and machines). They will learn to operate machines and devices used in works in accordance with the rules of their exploration, they will gain practical skills in carrying out works (bricklaying, laying floor and making wall coverings)The project will enable students to gain work experience in different cultural and habitual conditions, they will develop their general skills and practice entrepreneurial attitudes. The realization of the project is necessary to satisfy the assumptions of the programme of school development whose priority is to adapt to European standards of school education and practical training. The apprenticeships will be held in :Group I (20 people) – 10 students from technical hotelier school and 10 students from nutrition and food services school – from 29.04.2017 to 28.05.2017Group II (20 people) – 12 students nutrition and food services school and 8 students from building technician school from 28.04.2018 to 27.05.2018The apprenticeships will be held in Rimini in Italy in places identified by the Partner. The realization of the project will begin in November 2016. The programme was developed basing on the core curriculum educating in professions of building technician, nutrition an food services technician and hotelier technician and in close cooperation with the partner – the Sistema Turismo company.



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