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"Dobra praktyka- lepszy start w przyszłość"
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As far as our project is concerned, we expect our 17 students to go on a four-week apprenticeship. We are planning the apprenticeship of 10 students from the Technical College, being trained as electrician technicians and forwarder technicians, as well as of 7 students from the Basic Vocational School , who are trained as mechatronics fitters , car mechanics and sellers . There will be two tutors going with the students: a coordinator and an English teacher. The internship will take place in a Spanish city of Valencia . The aim of this project is to meet the needs of our students. Their main expectations first and foremost are to acquire professional competence and language skills. There will be a team that will prepare a program of practice based on the curriculum in any profession . We will monitor the project at every stage . We will also use a questionnaire evaluation , during which we will examine whether the project is of good quality. The project is a complement enriching the process of vocational training of young people studying in our school, both in Technical School occupations: an electrical technician and a forwarder technician, as well as in the Basic Vocational School in occupations: a mechatronics fitter, a seller and a car mechanic. It favors the introduction of innovation in vocational education of our facility, promotes mobility, and the transfer of professional competence, confirmation of acquired skills, knowledge of the country where the training takes place. Moreover, it increases knowledge among the participants of the project, which expands their opportunities for personal growth and increases the chances of employment in the European labor market. Participation in the project will equip our graduates in many different competencies that will allow for the proper functioning in the contemporary society. Besides, it will increase the knowledge of other cultures and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity. The project will be implemented with the participation of the Spanish company ESMOVIA, in April 2016. In determining the assumptions, we have taken into account the resources of the school, our previous experience in projects, school educational needs, the needs of local, regional and European labor market. The needs of future graduates to be able to effectively navigate the job market with high language skills are also a priority. A vocational practice in Spanish companies will let the students acquire the knowledge and skills required by employers, and will also be an opportunity to present and validate knowledge acquired in school. In the case of vocational school students, the participation in the project will allow them to compare the working methods used in the country and abroad. The project will create conditions for learning the standards of Spanish companies and transferring them into a local ground. The project is also part of the plan to upgrade the school's educational offer and give a European dimension in education in Zespol Szkol Zawodowych i Ogolnoksztalcacych w Woli. The participation in the project will allow students to improve their language skills, especially develop their vocational English, and also teach them the basics of the Spanish language. During their stay in Spain, the students will acquire the skills to adapt living in a different culture, as well as they will have the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and innovation, and improve their self-esteem and self-realization. The project involves the hold of 4-week professional practice in Spanish companies in Valencia, this practice is provided in the curriculum for technical students. For vocational school students, it will be an opportunity to compare the standards of domestic and foreign labor. They will be able to demonstrate the skills already acquired and acquire new ones. Hopefully, this experience will allow the students to implement some changes in the venue of their apprenticeship. It will also be an opportunity to transfer theory to practice, and gain certificates - valuable documents (Europass Mobility, ECVET) confirming apprenticeship in Spanish companies which are respected both on domestic and foreign labor market. Implementation of the project will provide attractiveness and enrichment to the process of practical education for our students. The graduates will be prepared to enter the labor market, not necessarily national. We want the implementation of these projects to be the long-term activity and in the future, we plan an extension of this project also for teachers, mostly professionals from all sectors in which we educate .



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