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Dobândirea de competențe cheie prin plasament european pe piața muncii din domeniul auto.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled ” The acquisition of key competences by European labour market placement automotive,, addresses a number of 28 students of class X, the general training of Motor mechanics, Mechanic qualifications required for admission, having the completion of secondary specialization courses Technician transport. The project envisages conducting a practical training of 60 hours within the 90 hours that students studying the CDL Module "The maintenance and repair of motor car" of the CDL, in the framework plan approved by OMECTS No .3081 / 27.01.2010. During this internship, students will gain two units of competence or UC6 - Teamwork (1 credit) and UC8 - Preparing for integration at work (1.5 credits). For individual competence "They assess the level of preparedness in relation to the requirements of a job" in the unit of competency UC9 - Transition from school to work - students will receive a notice and will complete this unit of competence in the country. The placement of our students in service stations equipped with modern technologies and cutting-edge training in mobility is a need, but also a chance for our young people to be trained under current trends of national and European labor market profile a chance for them to have a first contact with professionals with a high level of skill, familiar with modern technologies supplied with the working principles of respect for the environment, a chance for them to have a first real work experience after which to form an accurate picture of career opportunities. The project involves five partners: Technical College “ Unirea” Stei - project beneficiary - JOMICARAUTO in Barcelos, Portugal and AUTO CLINIC GARAGE LTD in Paphos, Cyprus - host organization; - Associação Amigos da Intercultural Mobilidade in Barcelos, Portugal and the Organization for Promotion of European Issues in Paphos, Cyprus - intermediary organizations. Practical training will take place in two feeds per year (by 7 students per stream) in each country - Portugal and Cyprus in May 2016 respectively 2017 The objectives of this project are: O 1- acquisition by students of key transferable skills such as "teamwork" and "Preparing for integration in the workplace", and practical skills in mechanical engine for socio-professional integration throughout their lives; O2- Developing attitudes and behaviours necessary participation and progression in the labour market dynamic world, becoming active European citizens O 3- Strengthening and enlarging partnership to ensure the quality of education students practice at European standards O 4- Improving communication skills, English language in order to increase the mobility of the future graduates. For the 28 participants in mobility immediate results expected are: 1. Key skills ”Achieving Teamwork”, ”Preparing for integration in the workplace”, ”Transition from school to work”. 2. Students trained at European level in the field of "worker engine mechanics" 3. Improvement of communication skills at work and communication in a foreign language to participants; 4. Developing a positive attitude towards work; 5. Enhancing the cultural level of the participants with knowledge of new spaces of identity; 6. Developing professional and school abilities through direct contact with the working place. Other expected outcomes: 7. The accomplishment of an informative brochure about the project and an exhibition of photographs taken during the internship; 8. A portfolio of training materials, assessment tools, monitoring records, etc., 9. The guide for good practice for worker mechanical engines that are used in laboratory work and practical training 10. Implementation of European instruments - European Credit Transfer System and Europass, 11. A teacher training seminar engineers and foremen instructors of undergraduate education aimed at the theoretical and practical innovations in the automotive industry, to facilitate and improve their training, to implement these updates in training curricula of students.



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