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Dla młodzieży i z młodzieżą odkrywamy świat.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project comprises activities directed to both young people and adults working with teenagers. On the one hand, it allows the professional development of educators, teenager supporters, on the other hand the development of competencies of young persons supported by professionals. At least 40 persons will be direct recipients of the project activities and at least 400 persons will be indirect recipients. The aim of this project is in fact achieving professional skills by adults working with teenagers through the exchange of experience with people from a partner country, working out new methodological and substantive solutions, learning coaching and mentoring and using new methods of work with young people as well as developing competencies of teenagers in organizing their own lives, finding effective ways to achieve goals, developing openness to change, innovative and group interaction skills, seeking opportunities of self-development, leisure activities, learning about new areas of activity. It also includes mutual learning of young people and adults, which fits in the European strategy for learning throughout life (Lifelong Learning). This is important because young people taking part in the project and benefiting from the support of adults are persons from educationally challenging environments with reduced self-esteem and low motivation. A diverse target group will also include people with intellectual disabilities and other special educational and developmental needs. Also young people who due to financial situation and socio-economic conditions have less opportunities for development and participation in such events will be recipients of the project activities. The standard working methods do not always bring fully expected results. The project involves drawing up a program of workshops for persons working with teenagers, the participation of these persons in workshops to prepare them for the role of a coach, mentor, individual support to young people (developing individual programs of work) and youth meetings carried out on the basis of the ideas used in partner countries. The implementation of the project, due to its being double-layered, is an example of innovation and novelty. International exchange of experience and development of competence of adults working with teenagers will help to effectively support young people in enterprise development, discovering their passions, strengthening self-esteem and motivation. A professional coach will become a sort of a "guide" supporting a young person in the implementation of scheduled tasks. It will be a practical training conducted under the supervision of an experienced teacher. International cooperation will be, particularly for young people, an opportunity to become acquainted with the partner country, its culture and customs. It will create possibility to support young people. All participants will also develop language skills and the ability to use modern ICT. For students participating in the project it is a unique opportunity for self-development, growth of self-esteem and getting to know another country. The material situation of their parents rarely allows it. The project creates this unique opportunity and brings benefits in the long term. The results of the project, including an innovative method of developing creativity and initiative of young people, will be used by tutors working with teenagers. Direct participants in the project will continue to share knowledge and experience with their colleagues. Professional staff equipped with new knowledge and skills will give rise to new initiatives. The project results will continue to be published on the website of the leader and the partner of the project. The project's results will continue to be disseminated. Whenever it will be possible and the financial resources will allow it and as the need arises organizations will be able to organize coaching workshops for interested persons, including those from outside the organization. Organizations will continue to work with young people and will develop skills of adult staff conducting classes. Transfer of knowledge and skills will cover both staff and teenagers under their supervision. The project will, therefore, have a long-term and multi-faceted impact.



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