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Divercity - Powered by Nature
Date du début: 15 mai 2016, Date de fin: 14 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"DiverCity" is a new opportunity for youngsters to let them explore the complexity of diversity in society as well as in an international group, while being challenged to discover the heart of the European Capital as well as hike through the heart of the Belgian Ardennes."DiverCity" is aimed at 45 youngsters between 15 and 18 year old. The project is open for everyone, but the main focus is on disadvantaged youth (with a migrant background).It's focus is on inviting youngsters to think, reflect and act around the themes of diversity and cooperation. Participants will be able to organize their own group in function of the hike and the challenge afterwards. They will be able to take on responsibilities, will need to motivate and trust eachother while working together to get where they want. This will include a learningprocess in which they will be able to plan their individual learninggoals and keep track of what they learn, with support from the group and the group leaders. We will let them experience real life situations, invite them to learn from themselves, eachother and the world around them, and challenge them to share what they learned in front of a Brussels' public audience.The primary objectives of this project are an enhanced intercultural awareness, a more active participation in society and the practice and improvement of intercultural skills. These objectives will go hand in hand with secondary objectives, which are the practice and improvement of language skills, social skills, leadership and cooperation. These objectives are based on the experience with, and thereby the expectations towards the outcomes of the methods which will be used during this project.We use hiking and outdoor activities as integral parts of our experiential learning method to reach these objectives. Because for a lot of youngsters these activities will place them in situations in which they haven't been before, it will challenge them, present them opportunities to learn and grow and it will make them able to explore their own limits. This will take place in an international and inclusive atmosphere, with a special focus on environmental awareness and the safety of the participants."DiverCity" might lead youngsters to have more trust in themselves and others, might lead them to reflect critically about society, environment, their personal needs and what they can actively do about them. We will try to activate and empower these youngsters. The competences they learned might help in finding a job in the future, or might help them succeed at school.



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